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  1. Talk to a lot of straight women and you will find out that an unfortunate number of straight men really do think that ☹️

  2. This is why being with someone who likes receiving it himself is a step up. They get what goes into that as far as prep and mental state. But most are useless and dumb, it seems.

  3. Ever seen the one of the naked anime toddler tattooed to blend with the girl's genitals? The toddler is also crying and made to look like she is holding on for dear life.

  4. I don't ever see it used for guys but yea as long as it's not meant in a negative way "bitches" is fine I say

  5. Lol me and my boyfriend use bitch as a term of endearment. And my daughter calls me Boss Bitch now as her love term for me(she's Gremlin).

  6. I play DayZ, that old lady infected is always stuck on the damn roof! Mosin it is!

  7. Yup!!!! Starbucks has ruined people. They come into my normal shop and ask for products that only starbucks carries like is a commonplace item (ie their refreshers, caramel macchiato) but somehow believe that vanilla lattes are specific to starbucks and ask me "are you able to make that?" God I fucking hate starbucks

  8. As a barista in a small shop myself, macchiato is SUCH a trigger word for me now!

  9. I appreciate it when I go to my local cafe and ask for a macchiato and they mention they only make a classic one not one similar to Starbucks...I'm like "thank you, this is what I came here for". I feel bad for you guys having to deal with people who mainly go to Starbucks and think their dessert is how those drinks are properly made.

  10. Learning pompoarism is the single greatest thing someone with vaginas can do to the penis having population

  11. Oh there's a word for it! I just called it kegels lol.

  12. the first maleficient was very solid and works as it's own thing because it changed...pretty much everything, that's actually what made it good imo

  13. See, she was my pick for Belle even back as a kid! But I am super obsessed with Beauty and the Beast and had a very specific picture in my head that they nailed.

  14. There is no island in the middle. This is no dream kitchen, this is a tiny nightmare.

  15. College? They're often convinced that L'il Chad is tearing it up in preschool.

  16. Sexualizing kids is definitely one of their main pastimes...

  17. And now you have done your part and made it worse. Thank you. Somewhere out there was a man who caressed Graham's lady bugs with his man pickle.

  18. I hate everything you just wrote here. Everyone made this awful.

  19. He and Cheryl were a thing and still hooked up at times connonically. Not really an incel, just a twisted nazi clone scientist that doesn't understand real people.

  20. The Great Mouse Detective was a gem and deserves more love. And he was a mouse living in the wall of Sherlock Holmes estate lol.

  21. I loved that movie as a child growing up in the early '90s, but goddamn did Ratigan scare me. Not as much as Ursula (couldn't watch the little mermaid as a child, cause she was the monster who lived under my bed...), but still creepy.

  22. I just turned 33 this past weekend, I feel you there! Lol

  23. WTF did the female students do while the guys were at the gym?? Learn to do their makeup!?

  24. In middle school for me the girls didn't have access to the weight room. We did body weight workouts and lots of running and dancing?

  25. In this case the dude was already married. Not even a bachelor.

  26. What's sad is that more often than not, it's the married buddies of the bachelor that end up doing the worst stuff. The single guys and the bachelor are less likely to stick it in someone than the already committed guys that go with them...

  27. This has been my go to for all the morons in the last 3 years. It's the best!

  28. About a year ago, coworker of mine jokingly called another co-worker who happened to be black a troglodyte. He asked what the literal definition even meant, and I explained that pan troglodyte is the scientific name for a chimpanzee. He then said "oh never mind", as he obviously didn't like the unfortunate implication of calling a black man a chimp. But no offense was taken, we all knew that troglodyte is an insult implying low class or intelligence.

  29. I've only been saying it to my kids and about my ex

  30. That's where it always happens... we're still fucked this coming winter and a whole summer of triple digits led to massive issues too.

  31. Yeah, I'd be getting the fuck out of Texas if I lived there.

  32. I would if I could. Financially and legally locked for the moment...

  33. JoJo Rabbit was the best documentary I’ve ever seen.

  34. I would burst into tears at random for like a month after I saw that the first time. Such a great and emotionally destructive movie!

  35. I turn 33 in 11 days and I was doing this crap in 6th grade (because HoNoRs EnGlIsH)

  36. Anyone who claims to be a true anarchist would be embarrassed to associate themselves with that overused symbol that was appropriated by angsty white middle-class teenagers the country over 20+ years ago.

  37. Middle school Hot Topic me is feeling very attacked and current day me is feeling old now...

  38. Ironically, assuming average heights, this relationship of a fat woman and a slimmer man is probably the most likely relationship where both parties could weigh the same.

  39. My partner is 10 pounds heavier than me and 9 inches taller, but I'm mid range bmi (21) and he's baaaarely in the low range bmi (18.5). I'm a size 0, so he is just string bean lol. I was the heavy one for the first 3 years we were together.

  40. yeah 12 year old are having periods, but the rest of it, not so much

  41. I had sex for the first time a year later, but that is NOT a normal age for it and I'm so thrilled by the number of kids these days I know that are seniors in high school that are still more focused on grades, hobbies, friends, and first jobs than being too sexual (and I've already told mine that 16 is the minimum and we are talking through it as they get older so they fully understand the situation).

  42. Look, I never grew out of my emo/goth/hippie fusion that formed in middle school, but even I adore me some Lisa Frank(may have just bought a blendjet 2 that's Lisa Frank tie dye print this week at 32 years old...). That rainbow zoo is in our souls!

  43. Bruh, getting high and watching your husband play video games is so fun!!! I don't understand other women when they say they don't want their boyfriends and husbands playing video games. Like if it makes him happy, then what's the problem? How would you feel if he said the same thing that makes you happy?

  44. As someone who is a part time gamer with q hardcore gamer partner, I love the option to play with him and also leave him to play with our buddies so I can sleep depending on my schedule and mood. Like I can just do my thing and he's glued to the couch giggling and hunting for jorts on DayZ.

  45. So... I should drop the gym ? Ouch sick burn Satan.

  46. A lesser known reading into the devil is also lustful and unattached sex. Context would be great for the why in this case of the card being alone. Whatever it is, it's unattached and using others in its nature in some way.

  47. Would any normal person go to a stranger and congratulate them for being visibly pregnant? Is that a thing? It seems very far-fetched. The whole post sounds like someone with a fetish.

  48. I live in Texas and me and my cousin both had strangers come touch us constantly in the last trimester of our pregnancies, and those were only 5 to 12 years ago.

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