1. Entiendo que es algo destinado a estancias temporales, de no mas de unos cuantos meses. Algun investigador o empresario que viene 1 mes a por formacion, gente de forma temporal hasta que encuentra un piso "de verdad", quizas algun Erasmus, etc

  2. Language protectionism is way bigger in Quebec than Europe in general though

  3. Not really, it's just that there aren't that many bilingual regions in Europe, but the few places that exist are just as tough as Quebec, if not tougher (Catalonia most notably)

  4. Oh, thank you! Like rolling a die.

  5. Depends on where you measure, but it's a bit biased towards men. Men just die more often both due to recklessness and natural causes. At birth iirc it's 105men/100women. And at fertilization or in sperm the % is even more biased.

  6. Normally you have either one or the other, but not uncommon to have both morning and afternoon classes due to lab classes or if you are retaking classes

  7. just let the balkans join the EU, theyve been waiting for 10 years to join ffs

  8. Other than Montenegro they haven't made nowhere near enough progress though. I do hope Montenegro joins before the end of the decade, and maaybe Macedonia can as well, but all the others have huge issues they need to solve before joining that will take more than a decade.

  9. People are morons for repeatedly voting for the party that has been destroying our regional health service for decades. With the results we’re seeing lately. But hey, cañas.

  10. Worth noting that there have been multiple "close calls" for the region to flip to the left. 2003 and the outright steal there takes the cake, but 2015 the left nominally won (but could not form government as IU dropped below threshold) and 2019 was fairly close as well.

  11. Desconozco como son y más aun para informática. La mejor para un Erasmus que habla poco o ningún español es la que más clases en inglés tenga. En cuanto a cual es mejor para informática, diría que la autónoma es ligeramente mejor pero tampoco estoy seguro. Aunque la Complutense es más conocida (pero no por temas de informática sino por otras cosas) y su campus está mucho más céntrico que el de la Autónoma (en medio del campo)

  12. Context. We pretty much use gasoline for cars and lawnmowers. That's it. We never use natural gas for cars and lawnmowers.

  13. What if you own a natural gas powered car though? (LNG or CNG), which is fairly common in Europe

  14. I would not mind having Nissany racing forever in F2 if grids were F3000-sized, with DNQ and the likes. With the small grids of today, however, Nissany's presence is annoying.

  15. This raises a good point, I wonder if F2 should be more open. Like, if you can afford to buy a chassis from Dallara and put 2 drivers in, be able to compete. On the other hand I don't think the paydrivers that would join F2 in that scenario would help the series (if anything they will hurt it)

  16. As a Spaniard I am at least minimally excited about Benavides, even though I am more than 100% aware he is a terrible paydriver.

  17. Otra prueba que el uso partidista y sectario que le ha dado a la bandera desde la derecha es parte del motivo que ahora se asocia con ellos. Sacar la bandera para remarcar una división ideológica es justo lo contrario a eso de que representa a todos los españoles, y quien lo ha sacado en sus protestas ideológicas es la derecha.

  18. Felipe Gonzalez y el PSOE son de derechas?

  19. En Alemania no esta prohibido sacar la bandera en actos politicos. Otra cosa es que este mal visto y solo lo haga la ultraderecha, pero ilegal lo que es ilegal no es

  20. I tend to go with "half your age + 7" as a fairly good rule, so it'd be 23 as the lower end. For the higher end it's a simple equation to solve as well, which puts the upper limit at 46.

  21. Spain here: advertising non-prescription drugs is certainly legal here even if there are some strings attached (like a mandatory blue screen with a narrator saying "Talk to your pharmacist and read the instructions before taking this")

  22. In this video Fisher argues that as you continue to build rail projects, your costs will fall. He claims that in the US we’re learning from scratch, so CA HSR is costly because it’s one of the first projects of its kind. However, after this project, we’ll gain valuable knowledge on such projects. Therefore, subsequent projects should be cheaper.

  23. Still the US is not the first country to build HSR. Couldn't the US just have borrowed foreign expertise from say, France, Spain or Japan?

  24. Por regla general diria que si.

  25. Spanish and Catalan have very similar vocabulary and grammar being two Latin derived languages. So while learning two languages is always harder than one, it's probably on the easier side.

  26. I can certainly believe 15% for LGBT people at large; in fact 10% is the figure I've seen most commonly floated around (usually split evenly between bi and fully same-sex people).

  27. Dunno about OP but I really like a slow morning routine. If I've had breakfast the way I like it, a bit of time watching the news and a shower I feel set up for the day. Takes me about an hour or so too. I function way better in the evening so I go easy on myself in the morning and have my chill time there.

  28. Could also just be like me, where you take an incredibly long time to wake up. I routinely take said 1h and a half on the morning, except 1h of that is just me pressing snooze

  29. I get enough sleep for the most part I think, maybe a bit less, but nothing outrageously low (usually around 6-7 hours?). No sleep apnea that I know of either, certainly I do not snore.

  30. So yeah, 24 hours... just not all in a row

  31. The pharmacy in front of my house has a big sign that says "23h!", then in fine print "We open from 7 to 23". Which are still pretty good opening hours for a pharmacy all things considered but talk about deceptive advertising.

  32. There are 2 reasons. The first is plain old sexism obviously, which I won't go much into.

  33. Damn, we’re back to the dark days of 2016 with one podium not going to the big three

  34. Lando got a podium in Imola, but yeah, very dark season in that regard. Even the Mercedes dominance years had more midfield podiums. For example 2016 had 3 (Checo's Force India at Monaco and Baku, Bottas' Williams at Canada)

  35. Yes, the 10 trip card does not allow for transfers sadly. If that's your commute to work, you are better off buying the monthly pass (hell, even if you had a direct metro, you'd still be better off with the monthly pass)

  36. "Leave" won in Catalonia (overwhelmingly since it was boycotted by non-nationalists, something like 95-5 iirc). It was just ignored by Spain as it was considered illegitimate.

  37. You are not being fair in my opinion:

  38. The Driver's World Champion may use #1 as his designation for the season he is defending his title. So far I know, it has also been for a long time that a world champion driver even successfully defended his title using #1 as his driver number.

  39. So for those not clued in the SNP's "Plan B" after this is to make the next general election in Scotland a "de facto referendum" on independence by running on that platform. Given the SNP (and more broadly nationalists) have never actually won a majority of the popular vote in a general election, will be interesting to see how they rationalise an almost inevitable defeat in that "de facto referendum"... All quite clearly political posturing to try to keep the nationalist base on side when they know holding (and then winning) a valid independence referendum is a distant prospect.

  40. I mean, if you want some sort of comparison, Scotland is basically Catalonia right now but on an 8-10 year delay. So right now we'd be at the 2014 point where after holding a fake pseudo-referendum, they wanted some sort of "real vote" and would call a snap election as a "de facto referendum"

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