1. What would you do to support yourself instead? You should help out all the disabled people with your wonderful work ideas.

  2. Not sure what the tude is for. Why do you want bed ridden people to be forced to work to continue their life? IMO They should be able to live out their final days resting in peace. A lot of countries pay for disability, its small but it means they can live without having to work. But i guess that is evil socialism and everyone should work til they die no matter what?

  3. It sounds like you're projecting some stuff on to me and I hope you figure that out for yourself.

  4. I am not sure what your deal is and not trying to go into a back and forth. I stated that if this tech was for anything other than work, great. Its sole purpose is to get disabled people back to work. You are welcome to your opinion that you want to get disabled people working. Bye.

  5. There aren’t many bad dogs. There are a shit ton of bad dog owners.

  6. The laughter after he hears he works for a debt relief company 🤣

  7. I really like his interviews because he normally keeps it together when dumb shit comes out of peoples mouth. He normally does a good job of saying something to make the person question what they just said like the example with the mail in ballots. When I heard that cackle after he said that 💀

  8. Drive-by shooting. If only there was a good guy with a gun driving alongside at the same time. Or maybe if there were doors on the street? Big, strong doors.

  9. Makes me think of the “Jesus Camp” documentary from years ago.

  10. The lowest score always seems to be the one shittalking and the best players i have played with have been the nice ones that say no problem when i do the dumbest maneuvers as long as im trying.

  11. I’ll tell you one thing drinking in bars at Louisiana is a lot different than drinking in other states when it comes to bars

  12. Yea its awesome in new orleans to just roam the streets with booze in hand. I was even thinking about LSU. Anytime lsu has a bowl game, there is article the next day about how bars couldnt handle the lsu crowd and run out of alcohol.

  13. I recommend satanism. There are congregations in almost every big city and it has the dogma of religion, but the jist is you are your own god. There are some theistic satanists but i do not believe in satan its just theater to be anti religious. Some of it is goofy, no doubt. But i have been able to relate and find some meaning in all of it. I am more outsider satanism. Im an outsider of the outsiders because i dont believe everything lavey said but also recognize issues with the tst so im kind of a loner even in that group.

  14. I really enjoy the podcast Hail Satan. Its by “outsider satans”. The satanic bible is a lot of theater and hate towards religion and the podcast has i think 4 episodes on the satanic bible. I think that may be a good start for someone who is interested.

  15. You aint snitchin and nobody gives af about bud in NYC. I bought on a corner next to a cop car when visiting lol. NYC got bigger fish than weed dealers

  16. I thought it was no longer a crime in nyc

  17. I dunno if legally just anybody can sell it on the street but its everywhere.

  18. This guy actually inspires me. No matter how bad or lazy your art may be, someone is there to consume. Just start! Turn it up yeah

  19. I cant imagine the relief at the end. Mountain lion would be a terrible way to go.

  20. “The apparent scarcity of the $2 bill, in spite of its production figures, also indicates that large numbers of the notes are removed from circulation and collected by many people who believe the bill to be rarer and more valuable than it actually is.”

  21. I worked at a bank, if you really wanted it we could order for you at any time. They may not be used much but its not worth more than $2 lol. One guy made a big deal about getting stacks of these to tip around Christmas. You arent tipping creatively, you are just cheap.

  22. If someone does walk through those doors prepared to harm others, guess who the first target is.

  23. Adult swim killing me with rick and morty. Havnt had time to watch a lot recently. Got through episodes 1-4. Last night i was excited to watch 5 and it was locked so i skipped and went into ep 6. It kills engagement and outside of show like rick and morty, i wait til i can stream every season.

  24. Both idiots. If your merging, your responsibility to make a clean merge. But who the fuck rides a bike without being able to see what is directly in front of them. Both were going to get hit eventually

  25. I have kinda always wondered if sb fans like music like tool. I grew up on hip hop and rock and the boys fuze it so well but it seems like most fans are only fans of rap music. Mine is pretty 50/50.

  26. I have never sat and wiped. Its so uncomfortable to me. I fear the unknown.

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