1. Thank you for saying so, was a solid 5 days in the shop that. There's some interesting bits in the full length video too.... and more than a few mistakes lol

  2. Lol, that hacksaw truly is manual, my god I'm sore just watching haha.

  3. Shift work got us through that haha

  4. Why can i not stop watching this...

  5. This takes so much skill to shoot. Well done!

  6. Saw the update with this in, still watching it again at lunch!

  7. My mechanics did a restoration of one of these. Very cool tool.

  8. Agreed. Can't get of enough of My Mechanics. Here's a link to the video if anyone fancies a looksie

  9. Whooaaaa I just watched their sizzle reel for this and it’s amazing! So it’s a kickstarter backed project only? I may join in

  10. Yeah these guys are good though, I've backed them before. Think they're on like project 4 or 5 now

  11. hot dayum, love the guys that make this stuff.

  12. You only need to look at that screwdriver a few seconds to know it is top class quality. As somebody who loves my tools I'd give anything for that beauty.

  13. I see this, I look at my tools. I cry a little bit inside.

  14. Can you buy any driver like this today? Because I kinda want one.

  15. Sort of, this Kickstarter is everywhere right now

  16. Ally MetMo dual threaded pen with brass nuts - new addition

  17. U mean a double threaded rod?

  18. Made a few changes so it's now 12th October launch date

  19. How is using kickofflabs, for your landing page?

  20. Seems OK so far, just running some AB tests with a landing page on our website. Definitely worth a go as it's super easy to set up social competitions/ sharing.


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