1. So your saying you have something like an 80gal electric heater and it doesn't appear to be full? Is the water audibly sloshing around? If it's full there should be no sound

  2. It's my 10th class and will likely need to retake unless I can ace the final. I have a B in IHPC and A's in all others.

  3. Since you have already taken IHPC, how do you compare it with GA with respect to time commitment and difficulty? I am in GA this semester had a B so far because I screwed pretty bad in my 3rd exam. Decided not to take the Final as I feel too exhausted.

  4. Ihpc has some similar guide rails as any other programing intensive course by way of an autograder. Generally my rule for these kinds of classes is it you put in the time you will succeed.

  5. You are looking for continuously computed impact point / release point (CCIP/CCRP) tutorials

  6. Make sure x belt faces teeth side in and no slack whatsovever.

  7. Yeah that's something I thought of too but it's very consistent. Like a cell phone on vibrate, just longer pauses and buzzes. So that makes me think it's not the wind.

  8. I've had some wind noise against trim that made me do a triple take. One sounded exactly like a drone.

  9. im having a similar issue can you put this in super casual terms for me?

  10. But is the F-150 viable to power a house for a couple of hours?

  11. Ford lightning advertises 9.6 kW for truck to home. With a 98kWH battery you could get about 10Hrs at full rate ignoring losses.

  12. Those who fly helicopter, do you fly it with someone, if not what are the things that make it easier to fly solo, if there is any.

  13. This is probably different depending on where you live. I'm responsible for my drop and keeping it clear of trees/branches, so I wouldn't expect any help from the power company with this, the only thing they would do is raise the drop if it's below a certain threshold.

  14. I might be a big idiot but the only way I could reach a 240v appliance (my fridge) to try was using an extension cord and it didn’t work. I tried my best getting and explaining in some pictures. Appreciate your input you’ve shared, thank you.

  15. No, a fridge is not 240v. Unless you are not in the US.

  16. None of my large appliances are plugged into any of the non-working outlets and they are all working fine. Thank you for the suggestion, I will absolutely do that.

  17. do your 240v appliances work? This could be a bad phase from the transformer or main breaker. I would get an electrician out.

  18. Think most of the people here would go for accuracy more than dopeness. But it got me think it would be cool to have like a huey with guns and missiles and door gunners

  19. Looks like Mexico uses split phase ~240v like us.

  20. Even the cheapo $30-40 cold-water-only ones are worth it.

  21. I've been casually flight-simming for decades and this is the most fun I've had doing it.

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