Better Call Saul S06E13 - [Series Finale] "Saul Gone" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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Mr. Robot - 4x12 & 4x13 "Series Finale Part 1 & 2" - Post-Episode Discussion

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  1. Anyone know what's the final BCDC outfit in the farewell message?

  2. ...The prison uniform he was wearing ten seconds before????

  3. Right, but the facility was ADX Montrose. Was wondering what the BC was... suppose the county name.

  4. Someone remind me because I might have missed it - how do they know Nacho is the rat?

  5. Newb here. What does this mean for limit orders at market open? Lots of advice in the last few hours has been to set limit buy orders ~$60-70. If premarket is above $80, will those orders not be filled?

  6. That was her version of what Jimmy did in the last scene of last season.

  7. So four years between now and "... it was Ignacio". What's next?

  8. I don't want a season 7. One of things that made BB so great was the fact that they ended it when the story was over.

  9. I agree. 6A and 6B sounds nice though.

  10. What did Lalo say to Nacho at the end?

  11. Mexico, but not back to the same place.

  12. I haven't watched BB since it aired, is nacho alive in BB?

  13. I don't think we know, and we never see him.

  14. I wanted a bit more cry time there. That was powerful.

  15. The shot of Saul, with the two face reflection. Legendary. Wow..what an amazing episode!

  16. Ah, the landmark case... Wexler v. Bare Genitals. Truly a pillar of modern law.

  17. You right. Oh well. A guy can dream. Sorry bout that, I just get uncontrollably excited when this show comes on

  18. Wait, are we sure? I just rewatched the scene in the pilot. Hank says $700,000 and they got three guys (three drops/dealers tonight) and a substantial amount of meth off the street (nothing about a lab). However, they do show what looks like meth bricks as well as rolled cash, neither of which we saw in the episode tonight. Probably just Vince and Peter messing with us?

  19. Agree on all. But about your theory, I'm guessing with the new info about the second potential MV lot, Ackerman doesn't get a larger settlement but instead actually keeps his house. Slippin Jimmy/Kimmy win?

  20. V. is usually used in legal matters though, vs. is more informal. So v. likely implies a court case.

  21. Holy shit holy shit holy shit, was that Mike at the end of BB?

  22. Walter and Todd took care of Mike with a barrel and some acid at the Vamonos pest HQ

  23. Shoot, you're right. I need to rewatch BB.

  24. Curious about that too. What's the cartel currently distributing?

  25. What a masterpiece. Been a pleasure, friends.

  26. so the real Elliot is gonna wake up with:

  27. Wait... You guys. Elliott convinced us for half a season that he wasn't in prison. He's the quintessential unreliable narrator. Is this really happening?

  28. He hasn't been narrating for a while though, right?

  29. I think that this timeline is the sixth one that Whiterose/Elliot/whoever else has been in. They started with A corp, then B corp, then C corp... all the way to F corp. The cycle continues!

  30. Theory - There is no 3rd personality. Mr. Robot created him to deflect from the truth and cover Elliot's memory lapses.

  31. What all hints do we have about a third? Do they originate from Mr. Robot?

  32. Sooooo, no more Christian Slater? Or do you think it was some ploy to escape? ...Hopeful thinking?

  33. Good question. Seemed real, but we've seen crazier.

  34. The knife that killed Shayla killed Vera. Beautiful.

  35. I believe the kids are calling it EMD.

  36. Any luck? Really enjoyed watching that stream.

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