Wear a mask in dispensaries!

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  1. Yours stacks up :) keep it up if it makes you happy!

  2. Absolutely! Medical Patient here. Have a pretty high tolerance but cut it in half during the month I was sick. Continue to have heightened anxiety 1 month later including the heart racing. I’m strictly an indica person who could use hybrids on occasion. My anxiety is worse on both but obviously heightened with the hybrid due to my sensitivity to certain sativas.

  3. Both myself and my boyfriend tested 1 day ago. His was pretty much an automatic positive and mine was negative. I just tossed them & His test is still positive and mines still negative. Yours could very well be positive.

  4. Disrespectful as hell considering it’s a MEDICAL program. You can say what you want about the virus &shots but you can’t talk your way out of not wearing a mask around cancer & autoimmune patients and not sound like a total asshole. Thanks for speaking up!

  5. Shit I’d wish they have deals everyday like some of the other dispensary. But their employees r awesome! They all know what’s up with the strains an good items! Shit I go there just for some good talk with good stoners

  6. EXACTLY! Thank you for saying that because I love the employees there. They are always so nice and chatty with you! It’s never really that busy and sometimes they have some decent deals. I’m thinking they will have more deals once they switch over completely.

  7. It’s pretty good. Not too dry compared to the last bud I had. Helped me really well last night when I couldn’t sleep. Always tense and it seemed to help melt that away! I picked this by the terpenes and am happy about the purchase! Very pretty too :)

  8. JEEZ. Some of you are rude as hell. Honestly, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Simultaneously staring at your phone while crapping AND being total a**holes. I'd love to see what YOU'RE doing as advocates. Yes, appearance is one thing but this is 2021 and he's simply wearing a tan shirt. What did you want him to wear? A suit? He's speaking for the people. It's a t-shirt. Get over yourselves.

  9. It’s 4.8 grams a square talking about the weight of the weed and chocolate, not the amount of weed.

  10. Nope but I might try it tonight! On sale for $28 at Columbia care

  11. Fully Vaccinated since mid May. I have tons of allergies and asthma. Had headache and neck ache for a week, congestion worse than my normal sinus issues. Tested with home test and it was negative so I decided to get into my doc for a round of steroids to prevent severe allergic reaction and asthma attacks. They gave me the depo Medrol shot Friday around 4:30.Had irritability all night because I still felt terrible with the combo of adhd meds & prednisone. Woke up yesterday (Saturday) with the worst headache I’ve had in a long time. The pressure was so intense that I either felt like my head was a a balloon or a Boulder. I also had such bad congestion that I couldn’t breathe out of my nose at all! I was miserable but I had a paper due so I was up doing that. Had to call off work because it got worse rather than better! Here I am Sunday evening and my nose is “burning” as if it’s cold but it’s not to the touch. This is abnormal for my normal issues and I’m wondering why the steroid shot isn’t working like it normally does? It’s usually effective for me after 15-20 hours. It’s been 50 as of right now. Curious on if I should test again considering I have work in the morning. Like I said, fully vaxxed but also slightly high risk so it’s always in the back of my mind

  12. The only way I was able to find mine is by pulling my transunion credit report. It will show the number and a bunch of xxxx next to it but just input the number without x’s and it works!

  13. I love that strain! Wish they had it when I went yesterday but I got some Layer Cake and it's pretty good!

  14. Did you go today? I love their deals but I’ve heard it’s been really bad lately. I went to Mad River Remedies instead and was in & out. How long did you wait?

  15. I almost picked this up! Still would like to try soon.

  16. 33% total terpenes! Holy sheep shit is this for real?

  17. Holy f**k ! 😆 🤣 dude I must jump on that wagon. Who is the cultivator? BR?

  18. Yup! BR! Had it on my list for awhile and definitely did not disappoint this evening!

  19. My friend told me her positive came back yesterday. It took 10 days before she showed symptoms. She's an RN (caught it from a friend, not work) and she said most people show symptoms a lot sooner and was surprised she was positive.

  20. I feel like I need to change to Dupixent. I've been on Nucala for 3 months, my 4th shot is tomorrow. I needed prednisone every month even though I had MORE good days than bad. & my hair has thinned dramatically.

  21. I feel this! I still feel like I'm a little dumb about it but I just continue to learn things from this group and a few others. My experience only goes back to 2016 so I'm still a newbie to the whole world of cannabis. Welcome to this subreddit :)

  22. YESSS!!! Love it! I have a stack of old composition notebooks full of BTVS fan fiction and "spells" from 20 years ago. I bring them out for a good laugh and smiles!

  23. I think this is the earliest of my Buffy fan stuff. I think it was fourth grade. In middle school my friends and I would write role play stories with all the characters. I’m sure they are in my house somewhere but I’m not sure if I can stand the cringe!!

  24. Oh my gosh. Yes, love that. I used to roleplay in the AOL chat rooms when I was wayyyy to young to be on the internet. My notebook are from 1999-2003 so I was 9-13 years old. I even have old Roswell fanfiction from HS. I still read fan fiction to this day! I love that I kept everything because it really takes me back to good memories.

  25. So I tried it! Not too terrible. Let’s just say I’ve had worse that looked WAY better. Could taste better but that might just be me (I have asnomia which is partial right now) but my boyfriend said it smells ok not great but ok 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. Was it worth thr 47$? I was debating for when I can purchase again but that is quite a price tag.

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