AITA for leaving my inlaws christmas dinner after I found out that they didn't make accommodations for me?

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. im a young fan and think the mommy thing is fcking gross. espec when they sexualise lana in the process its just all round ick.

  2. lots of people hate "now im singing with sean" from the bridge of tomorrow never came but idk i personally like it.

  3. “Put me in a movie”’s chorus. “Come on, I know you like little girls, you can be my daddy” and Lolita 🤢

  4. put me in a movie acc abt p3dos in hollywood and its not a happy song its meant to be gross

  5. The fact that Alex and Miles almost made a band with Lana still breaks my heart :((( I'm still so sad they didn't

  6. I love that we all find different things scary its genuinely cool as heck.

  7. The actor and daughter thing sounds a bit lily rose depp and johnny depp. Sam Levinson is directing Lily's current project, The Idol. But i dont think Sam Levinson and JD are friends. JD also has 2 kids so that doesn't work.

  8. YTA. I'm gluten free and if they cant make accommodations I bring my own food with me. If you're engaged to them sitting through 1 awkward holiday w their fam is probably bearable. It does suck they didn't accommodate you but life is like that sometimes.

  9. Its your yt channel, also the people commenting for you to do x y/n are probably in 7th grade

  10. I'm leaning towards YTA because this reads like you hate your girlfriend. The pushing her out of the bed is also odd. The "don't talk to me until we get home" is also genuinely mean.

  11. Hope you dont say its good shit...... In all serious though you know what i mean, lets just play good music from all genres and ignore the politics and stupid stuff some or the artist say as we are getting into cancel culture territory.

  12. I mean that brushing that kind of severe hate off as "dumb shit" isn't ok

  13. Stop conflating it, you can disagree with what someone says and still like something they make or do.

  14. Him promoting views that have caused genocide and murder isn't "something he says"

  15. I love your top 10, id just rank crack baby, thursday girl, brand new city, liquid smooth, i bet on losing dogs, and pearl diver way higher.

  16. It's a cropped leather jacket, maybe pleather/fake leather. And it looks like a dark brown.

  17. I support that Zoe and Audrey are FGs. But the drop waist is just a little too low I think. And the skirt seems longer than it did on Audrey's dress. Audrey's skirt was also much puffier and had a higher neckline + more tailoring around the top of the dress.

  18. The realest cheap eat is a small sushi bar with large $3-4 rolls.

  19. I like 2! and think a below the knee hem would work nice as well

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