1. “Money Don’t Bring Happiness” Cause Everytime I Spend Money On Shit It Brings Me Happiness & Smile with a dumb smirk on my face

  2. You know I got band from square circle for three days because I said Laundry folding on ESPN 7 gets better ratings than Rampage, I never seen such thin skin on a bunch of marks in my life.

  3. I gave my opinion once got banned and insulted lucky for them that doesn’t affect me in real Life unlike those basement marks

  4. I know, I'm just glad we have a place here where we won't ban each other if we differ in opinion.

  5. The least they will do to us is say “ go cry somewhere else “ and redirect you to the

  6. I never knew how Ellie Goulding looked till today and I done heard 2 of her songs that’s crazy

  7. Did she get some kind of lipo on her already increasingly thin body? I know she lost a bit of weight between Uncut Gems and the Kanye split and she doesn't look significantly thinner than she was when her and Kanye split, but her abdomen looks less soft/natural?

  8. I like Chris Jericho idgaf bout his personal life that’s to each their own but I think he’s really like unintentionally funny the way he’s been in AEW and how he’-tk booked him questionable to say the least but the man is a legend & he does it with a smile fuck it to each that mans happiness

  9. The dog hugging everyone minus the people that adopted him

  10. The guy who tackled the shooter was a straight man with his wife and kids enjoying a drag show.

  11. Nigga what ?. U talking about by the train/bus station it’s mad litt when I be passing by there. Over by the taco truck and all.

  12. You talking bout 74th st that lil area is where you gotta be on point for the stuff I mentioned trust me I live around there they got valid clubs but also a lot of gays in that area

  13. Son lmao good looks I would’ve never knew. It’s like that in Williamsburg n Bushwick too now in some spots.

  14. Yeah you gotta be on point especially with the transgender cause the gays just go to the gay clubs that are also there you would know cause they have a pride flag outside but the trans go to All of em so be on point and anything after 85th st and Roosevelt is all mexican bars and it’s mostly Mexican niggas or gangbanging Mexican gangs that be in there there’s bitches to but they work there so they’ll charge you for a dance. So I would check out northern Blvd from like 83 till 87 there’s clubs that lit out there with them Colombian chicks

  15. Eat a vegetable soup something soft to ease your stomach in

  16. Well given what Elon is doing now…

  17. All the Rush Hour movies starring Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker

  18. Was getting paid type well but sitting in a staircase for 8 hrs is some bullshit I was a fire guard btw but when I wasn’t need i would just sit in a staircase and just collect a paycheck. I was going to school at the same time at night and when I graduated they found me a job after 2 and a half months; when I received a job offer. I decided to leave but I told my boss I was going on a vacation for a while and he gave me permission, just in case things didn’t work out. So far I’m enjoying my new job, time flies by and I’m actually learning something and be productive. Most people would be happy to collect a paycheck but me going to school played a huge influence in leaving the company cause tbh I just didn’t want to do this or else you get stuck in a cycle.

  19. Id be happy I don’t wanna see Reigns lose unless it’s a newcomer sort of like what they with Brock Lesnar id like to see him lose to an up and coming superstar like Bron Breakker

  20. Every politician it’s in the news ads cereal my wife’s back etc

  21. I don’t like them I have one but the coils don’t heat up well in the hand pockets

  22. No I meant the "pros" like WWE or AWE or whatever. I can't believe what some of those guys and girls do and the heights they do it from.

  23. AEW isn’t filled with all pros but the WWE is the wwe even has a training facility AEW is like a glorified version of this check out @aewbotches on instagram

  24. I don't watch wrestling very often but some of the things the pros do without injury boggles my mind.

  25. He’s not a pro he’s a outlaw mudshow wrestler the kind that wrestles for $15 and a can of coke w hot dog

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