My brother Ben leaves me voicemails about Satan. I made this one into a song called “Armagetten”

*Lowers face into palm*

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George Stinney. 14 years old and youngest case of execution in the U.S. He got electrocuted after he got accused of killing two white girls. The jury made of white people condemn him after only 10 minutes. 70 years later, he was proved innocent. This story inspired "the green mile". R.I.P

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  1. Lmao can I have the link? A Newsweek lady also wrote an article about it!

  2. Thanks to the 100+ comments telling me what it is, I now know! But I had no clue. While I had played the OG fnaf once, I never had put any thought/energy/effort into learning anything else about it.

  3. I’m going to out on a limb here and say I haven’t got a clue

  4. Someone on a different thread said it’s Ennarr from fnaf!

  5. Definitely a good idea! I have a hands off approach and that seems to work well for people. Would only do contact if it was like a one on one with explicit permission in the moment.

  6. I once had a yoga class where the instructor had us close our eyes at the beginning. She asked anyone to raise their hand if they felt uncomfortable with being touched. Then we all opened our eyes and she knew who was and wasn't okay with physical contact. Also you're lovely for putting so much thought into this!

  7. If you read the mod comment on the original post it says it’s a joke, the brother is a writer for adult swim

  8. Oh wow I am so so happy for you! Congrats! You've waited so long for this!

  9. The greatest showman. The real Barnum was a horrid person and I don’t want to see a silly romantic version of him

  10. If you ask me, they could have easily just changed the charecters' names and it would have been so much better. It's an amazing movie. The songs are catchy, the writing is good, and the acting is spot on. But even then, I feel uncomfortable watching it because I know what a terrible person P.T. Barnum was.

  11. Exactly!! It wasn’t even like they included much of his real life in there

  12. Make a nice little soup or a portion. Talk to the crows, leave my hair unbrushed. Scream, play poker with a bear. Walk around with bare feet and a ripped up ballgown. Maybe drown someone I dont like. Who knows

  13. No, actually a lot. Keep thinking of him throughout the day.

  14. Nah anyone of any gender or sexuality can crave the feeling of being a ✨mythic bitch✨

  15. I started doing this to my boyfriend! He is crazy for it now hahaha

  16. John Travolta. The man’s face weirds me out. And I feel like he’s supposed to be attractive but his face makes me irrationally angry?

  17. Can’t poop but then sometimes! Surprise! Unexpected poop! Often when I’m on a long walk, two hours away from home.

  18. My doggy has pretty gnarly sensory issues and I got him a Thundershirt on a whim. I was skeptical about it, but it’s been amazingly helpful for him

  19. I watch a lot of muppet show. So, Kermit. I’m asexual and opposed to beastiality but… 2 million. I’m considering

  20. Are they romanticizing that exact role or the actor? Because he’s done more stuff. He was Quicksilver in X-men.

  21. The character. The question is about fictional characters, and I'm pretty sure Evan Peters has never killed anyone lol

  22. You think he was romanticized? I thought the show made it pretty clear that pretty people can be sick and twisted. I thought they were working to subvert the trope that “ugly people evil, pretty people good.” At least I thought that’s what it was going for.

  23. I haven’t watched it in a hot moment but I think the problem is less with the show and more with some of the (younger) viewers. I don’t mean glorified by the show, I mean glorified by a bunch of the viewers. I just knew a lot of girls in high school who thought he was just so romantic and lovely. I do think that the girls self harm was very romanticized by the show

  24. It is. I’m sorry, I wish I had advice. My mom and I had to push so hard to get my GP to give me a reference for a treatment center. The wait list is over a year.

  25. Well, the first rule about my favorite movie is that we don’t talk about my favorite movie.

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