1. Yeah breast growth is pretty much part of the package and can’t be avoided.

  2. Do breasts really stop growing after top surgery?

  3. The main ones that your doctor will discuss with you are finasteride (hair line, hair loss), estrogen, and testosterone blockers.

  4. Isn't it dangerous to take blockers without estrogen?

  5. "Work" as we think of it - like a 9-5 job, career, paid position kind of thing only began to exist with the industrial revolution.

  6. What sort of work or studies? Every god has their specialties. Healthcare? Apollon or Asklepios. Cooking? Hestia. Engineering? Maybe Hephaistos. And so on.

  7. I am a restorator. Conserve and restore pieces of art

  8. Sounds like a synopsis for an anime series, sorry

  9. Estrogen has some pretty significant irreversible effects such as infertility and breasts but it isn’t unsafe as far as I’m aware

  10. Aren't there some medicaments that don't affect breasts growth? I'm pretty sure boobs is not what I want to have

  11. it'd be pretty safe to do this, but it'll be kinda difficult to find a doctor who'll prescribe estrogen for this purpose if you tell them that's what you're doing.

  12. So I should lie to the doctor to get a prescription?

  13. When a person says "I am attracted to men" it means "I am attracted to people who I perceive as men". It has nothing to do with one's real gender, it's just a figure of speech that many people use to describe their attraction. If that makes you uncomfortable, you may seek some other labels to better describe your feelings

  14. Maybe since you know your gender is in fact just nonbinary, the maleness thing must be just the way you present.

  15. No, it's an inner thing. And maleness and masculinity are not the same

  16. I've seen galactian system. There's only a term about maleness itself not a specific type of it.

  17. Because it hurts when people are trying to fit me in the boxes they made up

  18. You could play around with clothes in dressing rooms to see what feels good. If anyone gives you trouble say you are looking for stuff for a halloween costume

  19. Games with character customization won't help. I play as a different person what I see from third parties. Maybe vr chat and other things with more personal immersion may help but not the Sims or RPG

  20. If you’re early game - whoever you’re using as ur main dps. In general I’d just prioritize leveling up one team first and their weapons. Don’t need to worry about artifacts before AR 45 just use what you gain naturally. Then after you can start working on your second team if you have any interest in abyss.

  21. No, they're mutually exclusive. But your gender may be partially male or be connected to masculinity/maleness/manhood

  22. Non binary covers anyone who isn’t strictly a man or a woman. You can be non binary and a man. Maybe not non binary and cis but non binary isn’t a box.

  23. There are names for all of these. M/m relationships is called Achillean. F/f is Sapphic. N/n is Enbian. M/f is Duaric. M/n is Toric. And f/n is Trixic

  24. I have never heard of these and have no clue what you're talking about. But I can tell you as a lesbian I love songs that sample from lesbian porn.

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