1. So russian air defense allowed drones to fly all the way from the UA border to moscow. ><

  2. Original title - Two unlucky Russian soldiers walk directly into the path of a drone-dropped charge. Their comrades abandon them, as usual.

  3. So the last round of arrests didn't deter fucking morons from filming and posting this.

  4. according to my blueprints you got it all backwards, Russian MoD intel confirmed a Kinzhal strike destroyed 16,000 Ukronazis and 3 Adolf Hitlers -BigSac10

  5. whatever. The source claimed JDAM, so it's titled JDAM.

  6. Just over 100 miles east of the Kerch bridge. Long ways from the front line. Intel must have found something important there.

  7. I suspect that this was done more for psychological reasons vs. military necessity - to show the russian populace that their government/military failed to protect them.

  8. It would be hilarious to watch a Russian drone take out an S400. I’m sure you mean S300, but still, a man can dream.

  9. What you described is posted here almost every week. Kinda hard to pin it down to a particular video. Maybe if you try

  10. At first I thought this was a minefield, but Madyar says Javelin in the video a few times. So I made the title pretty generic.

  11. People in Ukraine now use the words "Saint Javelin" as an adverb to express the "Great job" of the UAF and beyond. So if You hear "Saint Javelin" it does not always mean that javelin system was used.

  12. he also said double javelin, but I understand what you are saying

  13. There are 3 operators. The driver is certainly dead. The guy crawling is either a gunner or tank commander

  14. It is an attempt to counter top-down attacks from different types of ordnance. Armor on the tops are usually weaker than on the sides of armored vehicles.

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