1. Cooper Rush is 3-0 as an NFL starter

  2. Giulia hardly ever gets pinned but whenever she does, the winner winds up looking like a million bucks.

  3. The best part is seeing the difference in Maika's demeanor between the first and second clip. Poi was loving it too.

  4. It still feels surreal to see these recent matches/clips of hers. It wasn't that long ago that people wondered if she could ever be fully healthy and able to wrestle again. Not only is she healthy, she's getting rave reviews and seems back to her normal self. It's impossible to not be happy for her.

  5. Yeah I don't know about these showcase shows. I love the cosmic match it's always funny seeing Unagi indulge herself in stupidity especially sexy stupidity and I'm always a fan of Mayu trying to make sure she doesn't wrestle into her 30s by going down lots of stairs with her whole body but these shows seem pointless. I like doing stupid stuff for stupid reasons but for some reason showcase just seems ehhh. New blood has a reason and I like seeing new talent but seeing Mina in a wet Tshirt does bring me joy it just seems pointless. Thought I would love these more but they don't excite me.

  6. Not in the slightest. Since returning last Summer, this is Koguma's resume in tournaments:

  7. It's actually 125 the poll just got updated. Kansas State, who is 25th, has 166.

  8. What makes you think that Unagi should have a better record? Looking at the people in her block, she's clearly a step or two below everyone else, with the exception of Mai Sakurai and maybe Momo Kohgo. I'm shocked so many people are upset about it.

  9. Yea I fucked that up. 😂 It's too early in the morning for me to try and think critically I guess. Thanks for creating the post btw. I've been trying to keep track of the standings and it's been a more difficult task than I expected, at least in terms of keeping up with eliminations.

  10. He's almost 43 years old and has wrestled over 1,700 matches. His last great singles match was in 2015. Father time catches up to different people at different times, and there's a reason why he's predominantly been a tag wrestler for so long.

  11. I was planning to pick Makachev to win as is, but this sub's making me root hard for him 😂

  12. Has to be Jalon Daniels for me. He's made Kanas relevant (beyond the games where they beat Texas) for the first time since the Mangino/Reesing era. The numbers are there, team record/performance is there and the story is there.

  13. Thanks. AZM is really good at these type of matches.

  14. AZM's amazing in anything, but she seems to truly relish stipulation matches. The cage match against STARS, the last Falls Count Anywhere match, this one, all the weird stuff with Unagi and Koguma, etc. She's low-key well-rounded as is, but matches like this really bring out her personality.

  15. I honestly can't picture them trying to turn Mayu, especially for something like this. It'd go like Io's turn, which is to say people will just keep cheering her anyway

  16. I think it would go even worse than Io's turn tbh. Io carried herself as a heel fairly well with her demeanor, promos, etc. The fans were never going to buy it because they loved her so much, but she tried. Mayu's the icon. She's been with Stardom since Day 1. Io joined the same year, but didn't become Stardom exclusive until the following year. Her turning heel is like Tanahashi or Cena turning heel. It has less than zero chance of working, no matter how hard she may try to pull it off, since the fans will never accept it.

  17. I was thinking after a while of touring, if she found a nice promotion to settle down and work on her craft there. I think that has its own sense of fun too, especially since travelling to different indie shows can be really tiring.

  18. I mean you may think that, but nobody knows how she feels about the idea. She's got a job outside of wrestling as is which, according to her blog, she's fully content with. She's essentially on extended leave so that she can be on her current tour. Would she leave it so that she could go back to being in a single promotion? Can her body even handle the workload of a single promotion.

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