1. Winter Wonder Orianna, her ball is incredibility hard to she even when playing her yourself, usually make for an easy 3, 4 man R

  2. I used this, super clean and effective:

  3. Personally I would do it asap, for assurance

  4. But SEA servers are separated. Does it mean we can switch regions in SEA or nah? For example from SG to Taiwan?

  5. Right like what do they mean by that. Someone replied quoting their announcement "players are allowed to transfer to sea on Jan 6th for 1 blue essence once the servers are live" and riot support never replied back. I'm a little nervous because I still need to merge my garena and NA account since I have skins in both. Atp if they don't let us transfer by tomorrow I'm just gonna migrate my garena to a new account.

  6. its back, I just transfer from NA to SEA

  7. Nope, nothing. Send a ticket to Riot so at least I can get some info on why they are being quiet

  8. dont forget to update here for us too

  9. If you have a modern surface, just pick up a high quality, high wattage USB Type-C charger.

  10. if you dont, theres also a kind of adapter that convert a type C PD 65w to the surface connect port for charging

  11. Not my department sorry. I just make Internet stuff work.

  12. Do you happen to know where the VN DC is located? Got higher ping than I would expected and curious about the geolocation / routing

  13. Lol you’re gonna encounter the same problems with the official riot client my guy

  14. yeah you have no idea how bad garena could be, I used both client since ever and Garena somehow made it even worse

  15. part of the reason I love Bard in ARAM previously, easy lvl1 enemy bush cheese since we can go there first

  16. you have to overwrite the riot server data with garena one

  17. You can wait until the servers go live and then you can merge the 2 together is what I heard. Mods can correct me if I'm mistaken tho.

  18. If they made an LG 28 C2, it'd be my perfect monitor until it dies. Hopefully by then MicroLED will be a thing. I just can't make a 42" screen work with my desk or my non-gaming use.

  19. isn't LG released their 27' OLED monitor already?

  20. so did this comparision made for a change from 3080 to 2080ti or you upgrade from something else?

  21. I upgraded from 2060 Super to 2080 Ti, which doubled the performance.

  22. "You can even link your account there, and will still be able to link your accounts in-client and on

  23. thats also my understand too, once you transfered to your respective SEA shard there would be no override promt anymore in the league link website and a merge will be performed instead.

  24. you'll need to wait till Jan to do a combination/merge, right now you can only do an override

  25. Hmm so if I wait until Jan will I still get the early rewards or nah?

  26. I don't see why you wouldn't honestly, still dont quote me on that

  27. More info has been added to the FAQs:

  28. Hey any updates on your switch from the SP6 to the SP7+? Looking to do an upgrade for the same reason as you (no Type C port on the 6), but don't exactly have the cash to shell out for the 8 or 9. Thanks!

  29. Oh it did me wonder, losing 2 core never really impact my workload as explained and I never got throttle anymore with boost on, and having replace-able SSD is a plus.

  30. Make a ticket, from what I understand, this is not suppose to happen and the Garena data can and should be overwrited/merged to the League Riot Account as long as your Region Shard is matching. I made a ticket myself and are currently waiting

  31. so look like more work need to be done by riot, hopefully asap, because if done too late its could risk losing the whole account progression. its suck that we support riot but ended up worse than the other

  32. The Bluetooth has an issue (for me anyways) and continuously disconnects.. highly highly highly recommend playing direct wired

  33. update the gamepad firmware solved this for me last time, not much people know about it since its only able to be done via a windows xbox app

  34. even when having the same Region shard, the migration process still complain of not allow it to go through despite having the FAQ state that the Garena data will be merged / override the Riot data

  35. "It starts with success. And success, is all about growing"

  36. If this came in an "ergo" version I'd buy it so fast.

  37. good mindset especially for pros. just post your advertisement, sponsorships and some cool promotions but argueing with strangers? always goes wrong.

  38. just be like Rekkles - selfie only account

  39. The way Viego technically works is that he refreshes all the cooldowns of the champion he’s possessing.

  40. I'm gonna test Corki and Azir when I'm home, curious just to see how it function for these 2 (can I spawn another Corki package at base? / raise another Sun Disk tower?)

  41. RGE pay GAM back by picking Nasus Support???

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