1. I just installed Notion - not bad - passes my 'write a quick note & insert image' test - kinda. The insert image functionality seems a bit hit & miss?

  2. I don’t have any issues with images. I guess it depends on what you want to do with them. You can use Notion like EN but you could do more. Tagging I think is more intuitive on EN but Notion can do it too but a bit more finagling.

  3. $50 an hour with at least 10 hours a week. W2 work as well. I just started with them so will see if it is worth it.

  4. I use both, I usually have a lot of projects going on simultaneously, so I use notion for tracking tasks and my team and delegating tasks. Bujo is my daily driver, though, and I use it to narrow down what is important and realistic to do that day and as a catch-all for my thoughts and anything that comes up.

  5. Looking great. Unfortunately till we can share filtered DB view with clients without exposing the whole master Tasks DB, Notion will only be good for an internal Team.

  6. Ill give you free cookies if you share the template to this

  7. Not OE friendly but I know DOD is hurting for a lack of ASL interpreters with high enough clearances.

  8. Oh ok. If it is remote I would not mind. Where should I look for that?

  9. That’s the kind of thing you would want to try to network your way into - I’d try reaching out to ASL workers for the pentagon etc on LinkedIn

  10. Watch, it is regional. I see it mostly in the south. Usually that sign is used for watching something aimlessly, like having netflix running in the background, and not with much attention.

  11. I have gotten it at 31 and I do not regret it one bit. It is totally safe.

  12. Evernote may not be a bad idea, I guess all you'd really need to do (if you keep your old notebooks) is keep a copy of the Index pages somewhere so you know which notebook and page each collection is in.

  13. Yeah that is a good idea. I am trying out screenshots for some things I feel like I may need anywhere

  14. One of the reasons I've ended up doing bullet journal is that I had a tendency in the past to keep adding things to my list and moving it forward a day, making a "bow wave" of tasks until it became too much.

  15. How do you list your projects? You just use a project name? I have a job with lots of projects and struggle with indexing and having projects over several pages throughout the notebook. Example would be project “A” is on pages 5,10,35, and 129.

  16. My projects mostly related to tickets in our system. We use Jira. I use both the name a project has in my head ("Tuxedo Project") and the ticket number, which is unambiguous and works for everyone in the company. ("TK-421.")

  17. Personally, $60-65k. But I know interpreters who accepted 35-40k

  18. 18 months in lost 150 pounds. I wish I did it earlier. I never got anxious, I had my mind set on changing my life for the better. You will love the benefits, all the other issues that may occur I consider better than being unhealthy and unable to do very much in life. Stick with the program and have a good support system in place. You will be successful. \

  19. Thank you!! Do you mind if i ask your age?

  20. This is a failing of the ITPs in my opinion, you normally only have one semester to intern and get real training. That being said you should ask agencies to allow you to shadow experienced terps for free where you can have hands-up time, and seek out a mentor in your local community to attend jobs with. This is what I do with my mentees. As far as supporting yourself, do what you need to do. VRS will take you because you will be cheaper than if you were more experienced and were certified, lock you in at a lower rate and give you a modest raise when you gain certification. VRS is great for gaining experience quickly, but at the cost of your earnings and for the deaf consumers. I hope this helps.

  21. To add: I have three computers. Two for work one personal and a lot of cords. Any tips on cleaning this up would be appreciated! 😁

  22. Only for a discount on testing. No other benefits.

  23. It depends on your market. Z pays way more than Sorenson in Florida. I found it competitive but less than freelance work through an agency. We have ITPs here and both Z and S are more focused on warm bodies.

  24. What's your opinion of it? Obviously will be different as a nurse, but a bad hospital is a bad hospital or vice versa. Haha

  25. I get mixed reviews from nursing about working here. It’s had a lot of changes will see if it pans out. I think the pay isn’t as competitive in the area for nursing, but I think if you are looking for work and just focus on what you are doing it will be fine.

  26. I'm not deaf, but I've seen it to mean yes or something agreeable.

  27. Yes, though it’s odd to see hearing people do it.

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