How I bootstrapped a $40m company overnight

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  1. The irony of birth control is that it works, just not how you expect it to work.

  2. "finite and infinite games" by James Carse. Entirely changes the way I think about every interaction or pursuit aka "game" that I'm playing. Life is the long, infinite game, so pay attention to the little finite games you're playing within it. Short but dense, however it elevates my perspective to a new level.

  3. "man's search for meaning" by victor E. Frankl

  4. I'm guessing you're recognizing your office-time blunders and want to remedy this. I'd go ahead and recognize "48 laws of power" by Robert Greene. I know it's a beast of a book, but just treat it like a collection of 48 "books" and tackle one every two weeks or so. You won't regret it.

  5. But he said he will pay you back threefold 🤔

  6. Would be bold, but are they to boycotting? On the other hand, Chick-fil-A seems fine after all that. No such thing as bad publicity?

  7. Please point us where the "reeducation camps" are in the US (and they better not belong to china)

  8. Universities. That's why they are trying so hard to make it free.

  9. If you sell you can earn 3% returns on your remaining $24. In 200 years you can make back $8864.54 back!

  10. I apologize I can’t take a clearer picture, this is as good as I can get it. Basically, this past week I noticed these dead bugs scattered on the carpet. There’s not a ton of them, but maybe around 10-15 total and they’re in 3 rooms. I see the most near the window area of one room that nobody has slept in in several months, and then a few scattered in the other rooms. I also noticed two in the bathroom on the tile floor but we haven’t had bath rugs in there for a few months. For context, my sister brought home some stuff from college before leaving for her internship back in may and Iived somewhere temporarily over the summer and came back a month ago while I’m in between leases. So either of us could have brought them back. We also went on a family trip at an Airbnb in the mountains a month ago.

  11. The hero we need but don't deserve. LFG

  12. Hes talking about Rumble Cloud service and servers, not satellite networks which could also benefits from Rumble cloud infrastructure.

  13. Parallel economy is Dan Bongino company. Rumble and Parallel Economy are invested in each other, i.e. Dan has a 5% ownership stake in Rumble, and vice versa per previous fillings and tweets.

  14. You walk the middle line between order and chaos. Find a way. Find the "Tao".

  15. VitalyTheGoat and ishowspeedsui are posed to be the next immediate movers. Both have more than 10 millions subs on the you of tube.

  16. it's a shame if you attract all new content developers to your app, but you cant hold the viewers on the app

  17. Hopefully with the $400 millions from SPAC, they'll beef it up.

  18. That was a wonderful read. Such an inspiration, thank you for sharing!

  19. If really want to pursue philosophy (from what I've gather reading these posts), then take on a minors on marketing/business and/or math. You'll somehow need to monetize your philosophy, and these backgrounds will help (for example, polarizing philosophy on social media), but I'm sure stoicism will also help with you living with less.

  20. At some point, AOL and Yahoo seemed unbeatable. And then disruptors came.

  21. So………. Someone like Apple or Microsoft should buy Rumble?

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