1. Dude deleted the post? Someone from PR told him to chill?

  2. I'm not sure I saw it on twitter, he might have deleted the post if it gained some traction and people were like calling him out or something

  3. Oh nvm I didn’t notice it was sandwiched in a carousel of his most recent post. That’s just passive aggressive af LOL

  4. How comfy are they, OP? I want to pull the trigger on ordering a pair to have ready for Spring.

  5. I wore them all day and my feet never hurt they entire time!

  6. Luke Walton would have allowed that 3rd quarter to become a meltdown and this would’ve been an L. Mike Brown is that guy

  7. Just got my pair of the first colorway, here are my first impressions:

  8. How does this happen? How hard is it to implement a restriction to 1 pair per order?

  9. It looks like they have a code in which they match names to addresses? I have a limited understanding of botting but essentially bots create multiple profiles but with the same credit card(s) which should have only one billing address?

  10. Use the surge of fear and adrenaline to sharpen your decision making!

  11. I’ve never connected with a brand as much as I do with ALD. The aesthetic and the fit of everything is usually great also. Additionally, I like premium product, it makes me feel good. Truly, it’s all about aesthetic and how it makes you feel.

  12. Play good. Win games. Get recognition. Attract all-stars. Bring home the chip??

  13. Got ‘em from Hollister way back. I think they’re the “Skinny”

  14. Not really. The vertical stroke in 牛 is a single stroke while it’s separated in the photo. And most of the NB leather is from pig I think.

  15. Before the insecure fans here jump on Tyrese's throat, he also had Fox as a possible slept on all-star along side with SGA.

  16. Not sure if you’re reading the room properly. Everyone admits our culture sucked, but we’re just annoyed he’s still talking about us. I don’t see any of our guys who’ve been with us still bemoan how we got rid of him and things would be so much better if he’s still here. Kid needs to grow up professionally and move on.

  17. Then maybe people in this sub shouldn’t be taking his one negative quote about the team in a 1-hour interview and complaining about it?

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