1. Trap and remove the neighbors cat yet continue to live with one? Get rid of yours and the problem will go away

  2. Call the COPS not your insurance, get her information and claim on HER insurance. I have done this and held dingers responsible twice. Cops are lazy, it is better to go to the station and show the video in my experience.

  3. You can, but it will just prolong whatever issues you have with them. I’d suggest smile and waive.

  4. Good advice, appreciate it. If someone claims to be self employed what do you require for income verification?

  5. Tell them that you have a health issue that precludes you from coming in, sorry but Covid could actually kill me I will continue to WFH

  6. Use loppers. Take him off the roost at night put him on ground and lop his head off. There is no question of did it work or not and it’s instant death.

  7. There is no death tax unless its is over 11 million in the US. Another example of the right wing taking care of the rich folks. It is not a thing for 99% of the country

  8. I have almost an acre. With 2 coops and runs already so I could keep the babes in one while the big girls are in the other. We have quarantined before (because they were being dicks to one sweet girl) so have the setup.

  9. Quarantine is useless if done incorrectly. 2 Acres is a good start. Change shoes between coops or wear disposable booties/shoe covers.

  10. so, if one does not eat meat are the eggs even worth the time/effort to raise quail? I mean they are cute so there is that

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