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  1. i mean what res are you playing at? 1080p they are all good but the 2070 pricing seems a bit high seeing as how you can get a 6600xt new that beats all of them for 300. and then you have a warranty.

  2. Everything said here is true. My tire went flat on my way to work and I told them "I might be late" because I had to change it. Just giving them a heads up. I wasn't late, didn't matter 10,000 off my paycheck.

  3. Agreed... Taiwan has demonstrated to be a very stable and responsible ally, not even doing anything behind the US's and the world's back (despite apparently having the capability to), complete contrary to China.

  4. I'm at my 3 months mark with Nova. I was going to honour the contract and then move on. That is until me and a few other instructors caught covid last month. I literally couldn't go to work and they charged me 500 yen for each lesson I missed. It's not like I was out partying, I was isolated in my apartment recovering from covid and could not come to work even if I wanted to.

  5. Wow... I mean are they paying you your salary, and then deducting 500 for each class? Is that what's happening? So you still get paid around 600 yen for the classes you're supposed to teach while you stay at home? Still sounds like kind of absurd. I mean, what are you supposed to do?

  6. Employees are paid for 44 minutes - 40 for the lesson, 4 for admin. The other 6 minutes are unpaid, yet they will attempt to ask/get you to do demos during that time. I told them point-blank "no" to this and they've never asked me again.

  7. It's more than that. Different power limits, different base and boost clocks, and a few others

  8. If people of Taiwan and China are not predominately of the Han Chinese race, then what race are they?

  9. so what race are taiwanese people? spit it out from the depths of your insufferable stupidity.

  10. I mean, what I originally stated is literally a fact. You seem to be an extraordinarily idiotic person. Can you literally just not read?

  11. Asus is an excellent brand and their Strix is the top of the line build quality, but the 3050 laptop GPU is really nothing special. It's close to a 1660ti laptop GPU. Just depends on which games and what framerates you want -- otherwise it's a high quality laptop.

  12. By “running it stock” do you mean not overclocking? If so, definitely go with a B660 over a Z690. I’d recommend the MSI PRO B660M-A

  13. Yea, no OC'ing. Z690 boards are like at least $100 more and OC'ing the 12600k seems to offer little benefit.

  14. No, definitely not. The MSI PRO B660M-A has been thoroughly tested and reviewed as one of the best boards in its price range by far (I can link a few sources if you want). Meanwhile, the B660M-B has hardly been reviewed or tested. I’d strongly recommend going with the more tested product, even if it’s a bit more expensive.

  15. US is in a real situation here. If we cave we look weak to the whole world. What are nations like India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia going to think in the future when it comes to our reputation and standing in the world? We're pushovers? In the last two years we've already been taken advantage of in Afghanistan, and Russia is trying to flex its muscle and take territory in Ukraine.

  16. Isn't DDR5 compared to DDR4 only a <1% increase for most games?

  17. DDR5 offers basically zero benefit right now. It's basically spend $150 on a 12600k and stick with it for 4-5 years, or spend $200 on a better motherboard and DDR5 for most of the benefit of a 12600k, with an upgrade option in the future to 13th gen.

  18. Wouldn't you need a new 700 series motherboard to make full use of DDR5 on 13th gen? (And 700 series may or may not support DDR4 anymore)

  19. I was actually surprised until i saw the big " GLOBAL TIMES" on top

  20. People's Freedom of the World Global Times for Great Truth and Liberty Newspaper

  21. You can spend so much time researching monitors. It's not just the refresh rate, it's also the response times. Not only that, but how much motion blur does your monitor have? If all of that wasn't true, then why do 90.0% of CS:GO players use the same 240hz BENQ monitor and the other 9.9% use the Asus 360hz monitor?

  22. You could say "what's this got to do with my comment." Instead, you arrogantly and ignorantly asserted it has nothing to do with it. Tough it up, pal, if you're arrogant and ignorant, I'll call you an idiot, or worse. I'd expect the same standard held to myself.

  23. If you think the C2 is good for you then go ahead. Just make sure the size is small enough for your needs.

  24. Thanks. Yea the l12s seems to be great, not just in performance, but also because it can blow air directly towards the vent and PSU intake, which seems to be better. But I watched Optimum Tech's video on low profile coolers and the big shuriken is actually just a tad behind it, and with 80mm of clearance if you put a full-size noctua 120mm fan on it, it out-performs the nh-l12s. Plus, the big shuriken is $20 cheaper and has no ram clearance limitations. But you're right, it seems like a nice touch and probably would be nice for performance to have the l12s blowing air out away from the motherboard in a C2.

  25. Not sure where your data comes from, but the weight spec (not listed on the website nor the SFF master list) of the Deskmeet, if it exists, almost certainly includes that of the PSU and the motherboard, whereas the C2's spec will not, which actually means the Deskmeet is a lot lighter. Plus the Deskmeet has 54 mm cooler clearance, not 45 mm.

  26. You're right it's hard to know exactly, but I've picked them both up at the store with boxed psu+boxed c2 and with a deskmeet. Hardly scientific, but the deskmeet seems to be noticeably heavier. The C2 is made of cheap aluminum and the deskmeet is a traditional metal case. That's why I think it's heavier. The C2 is only 1.2KG.

  27. I understand your points here, and they are good and worthwhile; but I'm skeptical of all of this. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just skeptical. I may also be wrong, but this is why I'm skeptical:

  28. I'm not a big expert but I'll try to respond to your points.

  29. Personally, when I was crypto-mining, I undervolted because my card was at full load 24/7. But for gaming? I cap my FPS, which is just a no-brainer because it improves render queue performance, helps with screen tearing, and has other benefits. Plus, I don't game for long sessions and take breaks, which is also good for my health, not just my GPUs. But undervolting is probably also fine for gaming.

  30. A bipartisan show, perfectly characterizing US politics.

  31. Maybe if they tell Pelosi that she'll get some insider trading tips from TSMC, she'll stop being a coward.

  32. Yes there’s a big performance drop with PCIe 3.0. Get the 1650 super.

  33. Wanting to go above 220 seems like overkill to me, but if you want that then go with the unlocked 12600k. Just be sure you get a z690 motherboard so you can actually overclock.

  34. Well I'm pretty competitive, and 60 FPS does matter, but it's not like it's a lot. The price differential is pretty high, though, for a z690+HSF as opposed to just stock aircooler with 12400f.

  35. Getting a good CPU cooler is absolutely an investment. Don’t use the cooler that comes with the 12400. Air coolers rarely ever break, so you only need to buy a new one if your old one isn’t rated for a newer CPU.

  36. just for an esports game, dota2, where the 12400 hits around 200-220 fps and the 12600 seems to be able to do 260-280 with overclocking

  37. For having long hair. Management won’t confirm it. I asked for help and my manager refused and ignored me. It’s easy for my contract to end and me to go away then it is to deal with me.

  38. So are you being terminated or are you not renewing your contract?

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