1. So I (f25) like watching "disturbing" porn sometimes. I like painal for example, I like when the girl seems like she doesn't like it or when she cries. The more real it seems the better. I would never wish anything like that happening to anybody in real life. I am also terrified of doctors irl, but I have gynecological fantasy. I have more examples like these, but let's not get into it.

  2. You need to get away from this guy, this is not normal. Big RED FLAG!! My friend's son is in prison and rightly so for 15 years now bc he started watching porn with kids. He got the chance to fulfill his fantasy and was caught thank God. Get rid of him, it is sickening. Not the guy you want to be with. Even adult porn is addictive and will wreck a relationship. Prison is where he is headed.

  3. Oh my, that is truly horrifying and disturbing. I'm glad he was caught and the situation was dealt with. Poor kids.

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