1. Oh I totally plan to do that, just so much further! sounds like Michigan is the better option for medical patients wanting to stock up

  2. I'm wondering whether the medical dispensaries in Ohio will recognize a Kentucky medical certification letter (I believe they recognize cards issued by other states). Cincinnati is much closer than IL or MI.

  3. Ohio dispensaries won’t be able to sell to Kentucky patients. Kentucky patients will have to buy at a rec dispensary until the Kentucky dispensaries get up and going once a program is in place.

  4. Give us a call at Ohio Cannabis Connection. We’ll help you! 513-857-5025.

  5. Ohio Cannabis Connection makes it easy and affordable. 513-857-5025.

  6. Hi everyone. You do not have to use the same company you originally went with. OCC makes it easy, unlike other companies with less experience that require records to renew with them. Cheaper isn’t always better and a few bucks is not worth the hassle and time.

  7. No BS with OCC 513-857-5025 😊😊😊

  8. We’ll be happy to help you out. Ohio Cannabis Connection. 513-857-5025

  9. Hi. You can renew with us. No need to start over as a new patient, no matter where you went last time. We make it easy 🙂Ohio Cannabis Connection 513-857-5025

  10. Cannabis connections is 100 if you renew with them but you may have to already have been a patient there.

  11. You can renew through Ohio Cannabis Connection no matter where you went last year 😀. No hassles about records.

  12. Hi. Ohio Cannabis Connection is $100 to renew and easiest and quickest place you’ll find :) You can renew with us, no records required, no matter where you went last year. We do have discounts available for certain situations. 513-857-5025

  13. Give us a call at Ohio Cannabis Connection. It’s only $100 to renew and we make it easy. It makes no difference with us if you let your card expire even if you went somewhere else last year or if it’s been months. 513-857-5025.

  14. We’ve been helping patients since the program started 😊

  15. Give us a call tomorrow at Ohio Cannabis Connection. We’ll help you out. 513-857-5025

  16. Ohio Cannabis Connection. Easy and affordable 😊

  17. Give us a call at Ohio Cannabis Connection. We’ll help you out and we have a vet discount :). 513-857-5025.

  18. Ohio Cannabis Connection! Easy and affordable 😊

  19. Hi. There is no penalty to renew if you let your recommendations expire any amount of time. Give us a call at Ohio Cannabis Connection if you need help or have questions anytime. 513-889-4043.

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