1. So much good work, training bravery, coordination, only to get hit by an artillery shell. War is so random and this makes it even more cruel. Hope Ukraine gets all the weapons it needs to win.

  2. Some Ukrainian soldier was giving an interview a while ago saying when green reinforcements come in they’re all hung-ho with their shiny AKs, posing like in CoD, but then after enduring some shelling they lose that attitude immediately. Small arms doesn’t do much at the front, artillery is the real killer. Probably 90% of all casualties are from artillery and it doesn’t matter how long or how well trained one is, 120mm doesn’t care for that.

  3. Intense af. I was saddened by the fact that all were injured and two KIA. RIP heroes!

  4. Probably the least sexy dance I’ve seen.

  5. These baddies don’t even have the self-awareness to realize they’re the baddies.

  6. If that was me my rifle would be shaking like crazy. These dudes are really cold blooded.

  7. My great-grandpa defended Moscow in a projector unit in WW2. The casualty rate was very high, but he somehow survived. Seems ironic now given that he was Ukrainian.

  8. What is the name of this song i really like it xD

  9. looks like an F-1 grenade...are we sure it's ukrainian?

  10. Haven’t seen any of the previous Ukrainian grenade drops? Why wouldn’t Ukraine have F1s? It’s an old Soviet grenade they have plenty of.

  11. I just don’t get this type of disinformation. It does nothing to disrupt your opponent. If anything it gives complete false security to your own troops. It only hurts themselves

  12. It’s to prop up Russian belief in their own armed forces. Like “we’re torching ‘murican tanks, we’re so strong yeah!” Public opinion, even misinformed, is a powerful tool.

  13. My guess is terrified, panic-stricken mobiks.

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