1. Every time I'm walking around and see something these even slightly out of place like this, I always murmur to myself... "Well you hope it was a miracle. Probably not"

  2. I can't really imagine reading at a bar. I usually associate bars with being loud and I need quiet to read.

  3. Did you find someone to tackle this for you yet? This is something in the wheel house of my services. Check out my website and feel free to reach out if you're interested. Thanks.

  4. Task rabbit they're insured in case they mess something up.

  5. Just for future reference, taskrabbit themselves don't carry insurance. I say this as as former full time and current part time tasker. Taskrabbit carries a "happiness pledge" where they pick and choose what they want to cover, but the responsibility of carrying insurance actually falls on the tasker themselves and I can guarantee you that 90% of them dont carry proper liability insurance. I carry it myself but only because I do a lot of work outside of TaskRabbit now.

  6. Imagine being in a position where Matt gaetz is one you turn to that seems most likely reason with you and convince.

  7. Interesting article about crime prevention, it’s a bit long but interesting. The key is preventing the person from turning to crime in the first place.

  8. Fixing systemic issues at the root cause instead of being reactive to the moment of?

  9. I've been heavy on the synthwave genre last few years. Not the basic instrumental beats that everyone pushes out, but the full on productions with vocals, sax, guitar solos, etc. The Midnight, Prizm, FM83, etc. It's just a really cool immersive environment to lose yourself in.

  10. I don't know why I feel the need to compare her with Molly's daughter and the vastly different lives they live.

  11. One of the many reason why this season is so stupid. The plot points make no sense if you have any brains at all….

  12. It makes no sense, but Kim's history is odd enough as it is that something like this tracks.

  13. Lol forget all these people trying to talk you out of this. We're not knee deep in this shit storm universe to make reasonable decisions. Reach for the moon my friend. Contact them directly. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the 90 day casting email

  14. AITA for asking someone to marry me, having two engagement parties and then when things start to get real, say I’m not ready for marriage 🤣

  15. NTA. If you're not ready, you're not ready. I'm sure you're a kind hearted person and shouldn't be disrespected

  16. I just don't understand why people accept orders that aren't profitable. Doordash doesn't even hide tips under orders that small and if we don't bring the food they'll stop ordering.

  17. I don't think I've ever seen a hidden tip from a low paying order. maybe because I stopped accepting them once I learned. But I can't even remember the last time someone in here posted a screenshot of a $3 order turning into a $8+ order.

  18. I would honestly tune in if they televised REAL therapy sessions with Angela. Not the half-assed bargain therapists that are hired by the producers.

  19. Putting aside the scripted aspect of this story... No one is thinking about the boy in the same way that no one considered the feelings of the potential second wife. Because Kim and Usman are aggressively selfish. Kim with her "I Won" mentality to everything and Usman thinking he's litterally the king Africa. Anyone else crossing paths in their storyline is an NPC and they're not viewed as real people with actual feelings.

  20. Natalie and Mike were just painful to watch, especially on their 90DF season.

  21. Natallie is a hot mess and it's a cringefest to watch her pretend to be a normal human, but I'm here for it. It's the trashy entertainment I need from reality TV.

  22. When did he try to convince her to get surgery? I missed that scene!

  23. It was an off hand remark that happened off camera. The cameras didn't start recording until after they were in the middle of the argument.

  24. There's empty space because it was the PS5 she packed for Usman to give to Jamal as a gift.

  25. I can’t figure out what she thought Indo-pacific means.

  26. In all seriousness, she just sees the word pacific and thinks the only civilizations in the Pacific ocean is Hawaii and all the other small islands.

  27. I've never heard a term for that specific action, but I'm down to brainstorm.

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