When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. All my friends are dead and they're still laughing.

  2. Instead of learning math, he spent all his time in school learning how to sign his name.

  3. Black and White are pretty good. The pixel art makes all of the pokemon feel alive which really sets you up for emotional trauma. The story is pretty good as well, so you don't have to worry about getting bored when the game causes you to go through cutscenes. A lot of cool pokemon are there as well.

  4. I forget the exact words but when Data Sora said "They... They put bugs in him!"

  5. wait. how did florges, a special wall, die to a probopass, a poke with basically no sp.atk, using earth power, which aint even stab?

  6. She was already hurt but I had used up my items (three items per battle) and an unlucky crit + sandstorm damage finished her off.

  7. I got Yae from her first banner and I got a lot of Shenhe havers in my world.

  8. They couldn't get the rights to call him Snezhnaya's Greatest Love Machine.

  9. When you said "Yae Miko is good now, but not necessary", were you speaking in the context of the main story or the context of a character's strength in combat?

  10. Yae's pretty good as support because of the fox totems (get them in a triangle and they do extra damage).

  11. Curses by the Crane Wives with an orange color pallet following Firestar's bloodline because they're kinda cursed.

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