How the Grim Reaper sends good boys to the afterlife in The Sims 3

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  1. Not a nerine? How do you folks know if the location of the plant in the photo is not given?

  2. we hates them!!!! (dog owner) luckily they're pretty easy to pull out.

  3. I’ve been pulling them from my dogs fur the past couple years! Such a pain!

  4. Bidens frondosa, Devil's beggar-ticks

  5. You don’t deserve the roasts you’re getting lol

  6. Nah I do lol didn’t think there would be any reason for this to get as much traction as it has, but I have a good sense of humor and a lot of the comments are hilarious. I will not, however, post any pics of the desk I’m currently failing at assembling 🫠

  7. I’m in 7b. I have a raised bed and several pots scattered throughout my yard. The ants are everywhere. On top of that I’ve been battling these little black gnats (not fungus gnats), aphids (the green ones) and what I’m assuming are black bean aphids. This is the first year I’ve had all of these issues at once and my whole garden is suffering. Neem oil is barely a bandaid on these guys.

  8. Zone only tells how cold your winters get, it doesn't tell climate. Put your location in your flair, it makes it easier to answer questions if we know where you are.

  9. Ah I need to figure out how to add flair. I’m in Delaware so it’s pretty temperate here for the most part.

  10. This reminds me of an article I read once about an artist that recreates crime scenes as miniatures to be used for CSI training....

  11. This is fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing 😊

  12. My kid saw something on YouTube saying you could get the Grim Reaper to fall in love and marry a sim. So my kid sets up a torture house, depriving everyone of basic needs, in order to lure death into a friendship and start flirting. I was so appalled by this I asked them to stop.

  13. One of my sims, Joe Pothos, is a pretty bad man. He lures his neighbors over for a grill and chill, or drinks, whatever. Once he has them in his clutch he traps them in the walls. His wife and kids have no idea, as they sit down to eat dinner, that half of the community lives and dies in the walls of their home.

  14. Have you considered something like kiwi vines?

  15. Nope! I didn’t think kiwis could grow in this area so that’s pretty exciting! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  16. Yah sort of! I like to watch a lot of videos on here and TikTok of people making minis and I figured bread would be a good place to start. Working with clay is entirely new to me so it’s been very fun experimenting

  17. Nice work! The texture looks great, and I love those crusts.

  18. A 48x24x60 grow tent and the lights are Mars hydro TS 600w. I have a couple of the lights, one is for the crew in the pic and the other is for my seedlings. When I had a carbon filter set up when I was growing other stuff I used a small humidifier which I don’t really need now. I also have a heat mat for the seedlings. I also have a couple small fans for airflow. It’s been a lot of fun growing through the winter months and starting spring seeds super early.

  19. I talked with my psychiatrist about kind of the same thing today. Overall lamictal has helped so much in the 6 months I’ve been taking it. I feel more in control of my moods in general but when I’m manic I’m extremely manic.

  20. Depends where you work. I'd never do that at my job.

  21. I work at a small dental office and a few of my coworkers like hiking and camping.

  22. Cheers and your curtains are rad af. Hope you are having a wonderful day

  23. 32 yo woman , lvl 86ish, PlayStation, don’t love talking on the mic except sometimes, not great at the game but not terrible. If that for some reason sounds appealing my username is joe_pothos

  24. What’s your username? My app isn’t working and I’m not playing tonight but I’ll add you tomorrow :)

  25. Just went through being alone for a few days while my partner was out of town. I went in with high expectations that the alone time would be good for me. I’m actively in therapy and taking meds that have been really helpful. I made a lot of mistakes that caused my mental health to plummet. If you’re a drinker, limit that. Don’t watch anything that could even give off a whiff of triggering content. Don’t go digging through traumatic past events (I reread some old childhood journals and I feel like that took a toll on the progress I was making). Keep any plans you made. I don’t have any suggestions of what you should do… just offering my experience on what is not a great idea. Take care ❤️

  26. Dreading work tomorrow and coming to terms with the inevitable reality of each day passing- I have such high hopes for myself on days off and then get so tired and bogged down with house work I just want the evening to come to drink away my anxiety about working the next day. Lately I feel each day I start out energetic, and then get gradually more tired as the day goes on and then have to sleep and it’s over. Like I can’t fight the cycle of life (day and night, rinse and repeat). I haven’t been hypo in so long and miss the excess energy.

  27. Feeling this as well. My husband told me to try and enjoy the day but the fact that I’m depressed on such a nice day makes me more depressed that I can’t enjoy it.

  28. It’s a long one but you asked.. (from my dream journal the other night)

  29. I could never remember a dream so precisely like this.. Great recollection!!

  30. It’s from several years of writing down my dreams the minute I wake up. I also set an alarm with no snooze about 25 mins before I actually have to get up. That allows me to either fall back asleep, sometimes back into the dream, or have 25 mins of uninterrupted time to recall the dream. It’s worth a try if you’re interested in remembering your dreams more.

  31. English muffin with grape jelly to compliment a bowl of chili

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