1. Find your brother-friend you can cry to. Be miserable. He'll understand. Heartbreak is worse than a broken arm. Soon you'll understand you're going through a brutal act in the play of life. Many men have been there before you, many are coming after you.

  2. Not exactly but anything by Irvine Welshe will start out semi-incomprehensible but you will be well versed in Scottish by the end.

  3. Ah Scottish the second most difficult English to learn. Haha Thank you.

  4. Not in a way that’s meant to teach or involve the reader. McCarthy has a number of books where characters speak untranslated Spanish, such as in The Crossing.

  5. I don’t know of any but the thought of something like this crossed my mind when I read a clockwork orange.

  6. Let's do it then. I'm doing the cisco python course atm. I started this week. Join me.

  7. There definitely used to be a slack group that organised meet ups etc, I think it was called "Darwin Web Standards"

  8. Yes, I have botanical training (agronomy covers genetic, biological, environmental, and economic impacts of certain plants), though we use it in a very limited area of our work.

  9. Very nice. I'm sure it'll come in handy in the future. IOT, for example.

  10. You? I am guessing this is more of a homebrew project, niche, or intial scalable design-development type project?

  11. I'm a horticulturist. A little university training in the ag field. I've farmed/gardened in Nth America, EU and Au. I'm career developing. I see precision agriculture as the right move so I'm collecting a few IT certs to add to my profile. Soil is what I like, personally.

  12. When I farmed in Holland for a season a 14 year old was driving the tractor. It blew my mind. Then I thought it was no different here and it is still no different out in the sticks.

  13. I wonder if this export is transforming the nature of humanity...

  14. Could it be from a kangaroo?

  15. I was more or less asking if there are kangaroos in the area, seems like it’s be logical to start with local wildlife and go from there. It’s more likely to belong to local wildlife than a human.

  16. It was a federal election. If they are enrolled to vote anywhere in Australia then it would be sent to the last address that they had listed on their enrolment with AEC.

  17. Perhaps there is a way to check fines so as to check if fines have been sent elsewhere?

  18. You can check your enrolment on the AEC website -

  19. At least here in the US that is most definitely Phallus indusiatus, ive seen other netted stinkhorns on here tho that were different species so i cant say for 100% certain but it definitely looks like it

  20. Apparently it is used as a medicine. Anyone with experience regarding this?

  21. Crowdfund grants for fruit pickers to do eradication off season.

  22. Fruit picking has been a hot issue over the last little while because they're vulnerable to exploitation. If you can get them stable income that might be good for everyone rather than rely on transient labourers that don't have much status such as international backpackers.

  23. Amen. That might create a little stability. Thank you once again.

  24. Thank you for your comment. Orchids have great diversity and are mostly restricted to rainforests. They do not have great leaf diversity though.

  25. To clarify, grasses are a pretty large grouping including palm trees, which are also monocots. Also, not all grasses are C4. To the original question, no I don’t think rainforests favor monocots over dicots

  26. Thank you for your response. What do you think is going on between monocots and dicots? What is the evolutionary reason for the difference?

  27. You're welcome. Most people forget or don't know that the sun's UV rays breaks everything down but there is also a very simple solution - ordinary house paint or spray can. That creates a barrier that will extend the life 10 to 15 years. If you want same color apply clear outdoor rated polyurethane with a sponge - either oil based or water based.

  28. Sun is quite damaging in Au. That never crossed my mind. Keep it level, true. Thanks, matey. Appreciate your detailed response.


  30. Some workaways need you. As in, they are struggling so workaway becomes the help they need to get out of the hole they're in. If you've dug themselves in it may be an interpersonal problem they aren't dealing with. Ask yourself these questions. "Does this person get "life"?, "Am I nothing more than cheap labour to them?", "is my host greed centred?"

  31. Thanks for your message, I think this is partially the case with her. Her husband works a lot, she is almost 70 years old and does admin for the family business. I’ve done a lot of gardening for her, stuff she couldn’t do herself. She spoke to me today about how she’s had tenants for a long time and she said “I don’t like to talk at the end of the day and hear about everything that went wrong in their day, that’s my time to relax and unwind” I can definitely understand that. But it makes me feel a bit 🥴 like I’m supposed to be doing the work but stay out of the way. Joie de vie… I like it, something I’ll keep in mind as I continue on with this workaway, thank you 💛

  32. You're welcome. PM if you want to talk. I'll get back to you within a week. Keep on keeping on, matey. You're a precious piece of this World. You'll forget it one day but you won't forget hearing this. Strength and courage.

  33. To be fair you can sprout seeds in almost any media. Growing mature plants to fruit is a little different story. I would be interested to see the test showing the available nutrients in lunar soil. Going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing it's pretty low on organic matter

  34. Absolutely. Producing seed will be momentous. I imagine moving soil from star system to star system would be incredible.

  35. Your body is telling you to say no to tobacco.. or else.

  36. Could be nicotine related? Plants such as peppers, tomatoes and eggplants all have nicotine.

  37. Seeing a doc on Wednesday. I'm thinking it was the pandanus. Time for an allergy test, I do think.

  38. Wow ok. Got confused with a completely different place.

  39. All of them just sell to Bunnos anyway, just go there on a Friday and grab what you need. It'll be sold out by Saturday arvo and won't be restocked till Tuesday.

  40. I want to understand the crops grown there. Australia has various climates. I'm seeking a climate and soil type in Au that is similar to Is. Pistachios, for example. Biblical food interests me. The 5 foods that they had in Egypt particularly.

  41. The easiest one would be articles or book from libgen. Search there for isarel soil.

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