1. Yes there may be 2-4x more MTF than FTM and it seems to be statistically significant across cultural divides, but it may be evening out. From what I’ve gathered there may be genetic factors at play here that could cause dysphoria to be experienced more in men. the “default” body plan is female while there is a slight over production of males, as in slightly more than 50% likely due to some sort of evolutionary pressure w/males being more likely to die.

  2. Usually not. Just gotta stay aware of surroundings, couple times had to walk through rough area for work and it was sketch. Was followed once. Also been mugged before. So just bein extra cautious

  3. Was the follower also the mugger? Yes...when I was in the army, my drill instructors used to always say, "attention to detail is the difference between life and death on the battlefield." True words in real life too lol

  4. The follower imo was a likely mugger. Place is been told to stay away from in the bronx but my daily commute was just much quicker to go through that area than around, only got followed at night though. Wasn’t very well lit either so was always on high alert, made direct eye contact with them a couple times and they seemed to stop

  5. Unfortunately nothing I’m aware of. You count try combing the effected area as this could help resolve quicker but not in a day. Could try makeup.

  6. I'll have to go with makeup then. That'll be my best bet. Thanks

  7. Things are a bit different, from my understanding in many parts of Europe driving is not a need like it is in the states. So people that drive in Europe more likely than the US actually have a choice, and chose that they wanted to drive.

  8. I’m saying it’s a more formally structured process and there’s more required hours of mandatory (verified) training. In NY I remember reading a pamphlet and passing a 20 question test for a permit. Then I drove a little bit with my parents and went to another town where it’s known to be way easier to pass your drivers test. You’re supposed to have 50 hours on the road I think? But nobody really seems to care. At least where I am it’s pretty much a free for all, all that matters is if you can pass the test (which is not super difficult anyway) you get your license. Details are blurry but I remember it being all around pretty quick and easy.

  9. Evolution serves no “purpose” and there are many niches to fill. Kind of like a saturated market, all animals fill some sort of evolutionary niche. We had the big brain stuff goin on which helped us hunt, and what was going on for the great apes was also working successfully enough

  10. Spent majority of my life studying science, so I tend to believe things I can draw evidence from but make some extrapolations along the way bc more will be understood with better data.

  11. Was a bit awkward at the time didn’t realize until older that wasn’t like a normal doctor thing to do lol

  12. Either as often as funerals happen or when I’m outa lube

  13. Chainsawing trees out a driveway for a neighbor I think when I was 12

  14. Time certainly exists outside of human perception. It's just weird and different from what we commonly understand about it.

  15. I’ll add from the ai part that our perception of time is also a function of our metabolism/processing rate. The faster we process information, the faster time is perceived.

  16. Help a woman give birth. It’s the simple things and they’ll remember and thank you for it

  17. You don’t have to walk over them on your way to work. Just leave a couple hours earlier and pick one to help, I usually go for the one closest to my office

  18. If they can re-assume their old habitat with ease I think the damage would be minimal but less so with animals that went extinct more recently like dodos or caspian tigers

  19. Too much teeth, was painful but tried to take it so she wouldn’t feel bad but shit hurt after a while so had her stop

  20. Long story short I lived in a house with around 6 other people right next to an identical house with similar situation. They were finishing up, let us know that they’re moving bc landlord is shit, and to take whatever we wanted (needed to fly in/out of this place so often easier to leave things behind)

  21. LL4L says:

    Was he one, or a descendant of one?

  22. Oh def descendant of one, the great alien man is the creator

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