1. I’ve thought about giving it a shot before, appreciate the recommendation I’ll be starting it today

  2. Fables 3, obviously wasn’t to the same level as the original or fable 2 but I still loved the game and the unique aspects it added

  3. Re:Zero really that great? I’ve heard good things but didn’t expect to be this highly ranked, might have to give it a shot

  4. The Power Of Now, it’s so easy to spend all your time thinking about the past& future when true happiness comes from living in the present moment

  5. Swift, lions have one of the best offensive lines in football

  6. Brian Robinson Jr crowded room in Washington, but I could see him being the primary goal line option and getting the majority of 1st/2nd down carries

  7. As a commanders fan, this is a very accurate goal for us

  8. Izzy V Brunson is one of my all time favorite finishing sequence

  9. Legend of Zelda OOT if I can go back to being a kid and reliving the magic of it all just one more time

  10. Frozen Grapes, life changing discovery. Go to snack at all times

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