1. For me it says the same, perhaps its just an update to the October security patch, and the changes were so minimal that they didn't bother to release it as a new version.

  2. I’m trying to narrow down what episode it was… It was pretty recent…

  3. So how did you manage to escape?

  4. Did you ask them how they ended up crashing it?

  5. I don't understand the hate for Vauxhalls, obviously they're very hit or miss but my 2014 Astra is brilliant, drives better than any other car I've used, very economical (currently only spending £60-100 on fuel a month) and the 0 tax is also a bonus

  6. Why does it have no road tax?

  7. Did the phone have a hard time with the car and cyclist as they are blurry?

  8. Honestly I just took it out for a second so I never even tried to focus the camera, I think it looks pretty cool tbh 😄

  9. Yeah it's a nice shot. The pixel camera is dope

  10. So this is an actual Mercedes but Mercedes themselves actually put in a Renault engine. Am i right?

  11. Please stay away from Vauxhalls, for that amount of money you can get something far better, even in today's ridiculous market

  12. Why stay away? what's wrong with them?

  13. Piston rings and turbos. The engines in these new astras are shit, my grandad had one brand new (he was a vauxhull guy) at 35k he was burning a lot of oil.

  14. As in they are unfixable after they get a fault?

  15. 2 questions: is it in range, does the batter still work. You can test both by bringing the tile clos to your phone and pressing the button twice, no noise from the tile or phone means it's dead and time to replace it or the battery.

  16. On the VW polo, i have the newer pro tile and on the Yaris, i have the old tile pro. The newer pro used to work better and now it doesn't seem like it and i don't know why 🤔

  17. I love how clicky my Pixel 4 XL volume buttons are

  18. It's great fun doing the 0-60. When you hit the magic number the vtec kicks in and it zooms.

  19. I like the direction Pixels are going. I used to use different launchers and change up the look of my phone all the time. Ultimately, as I get older, I appreciate keeping it simple.

  20. True. I like simplicity too. Just easier to get the job done and at the same time aesthetically pleasing.

  21. Decent OS that remains stable and doesn't glitch on you.

  22. True. My Pixel 4 XL has been a joy to use with hardly any bugs over 2 years that I've had it.

  23. It happened to me with a video of a concert (where iPhone 13 Pro continued to overexpose the stage) and for photo unblur and magic eraser 😂

  24. I thought iPhones video is the best in the game?

  25. The Pixel 4 or the XL had the issue of the back peeling off. I have not had that issue after having it for 2 years and still using it and it works very well fortunately for me.

  26. Are you sure that it's blocked and that the fuse hasn't blown? Our 2016 Polo blew a couple of fuses a few years ago in the winter during the cold weather.

  27. That might be an option. How do i replace it?

  28. Does that actually work? Like don’t you need to pay for a qualification or whatever to be able to actually be skilled and competent enough to then sell your labour as a Tradie ? I currently drive hgvs and I’m sick of it and considered a trade but were just told it’s a no go unless I pay for one of those daft courses.

  29. What do you do in warehouse picking?

  30. Basically pick items from the warehouse to put on a pallet / cage ready to be loaded into a vehicle

  31. Where's this and which company?

  32. Have you put it on lineage os?

  33. Yes, but it's still running version 18. I may make the jump to 20!

  34. Any bugs and are your banking apps working?

  35. What does your number plate stand for?

  36. Oh right. Thought it was a private number plate 😂

  37. Does anyone know how to get the full message displayed? it cuts in half and can't see any more of it. I have a Pixel 4 XL

  38. Hate dogs. Prefer cats and i agree with the shop owner.

  39. Which software program did you use?

  40. I bought them G logos from dbrand for my Pixel 4 XL and it really adds a splash of colour as i have the panda version of the 4 XL and it looks cool. It proper pops on a white back.

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