1. It slows for multiple people working from one license. Common tactics for human trafficking.

  2. Pink Oyster is a neo-tropical species. They need plenty of warmth 75f +

  3. My Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Mids arrive in the mail tomorrow; from the reviews I've read, these are terrific boots that should serve you well for the purposes you mentioned. Campmor has a sale right now plus free shipping, so I got them for less than $90.

  4. Okay, thanks for the reassurance. I remember a therapist saying if you get your back massaged, you should also get your pecs massaged. Is this needed?

  5. It is solid advice from the therapist. Opening the chest and shoulders is super important for managing back issues.

  6. Because the forearm extensors are weaker than the forearm flexors. But as this is occurring bilaterally, there's more here than meets the eye.

  7. As stated above, see a professional for evaluation. No one can be certain of anything online.

  8. Ask them to slide down towards their feet first before turning over.

  9. Good for you! You recommend any particular extensor type workouts? I'm also curious what your workout regimen looks like in general?

  10. Maintaining a dorsiflexed wrist when working with my elbows was some of the best advice I ever got!

  11. Can you explain the reasoning behind dorsiflexing the wrist? I think I do that naturally.

  12. You're referring to the C-130 right now? They often fly in that same area and have done for some time now. I don't think it's anything to do with upping the ante.

  13. Edit: misunderstood comment Some Behavioral Health Technicians are graduates but many come from other fields such as IDD or nursing facilities. Medicaid puts a lot of money into SUD and many programs can pay techs well if they choose to, so there’s no need to fully staff by graduates. For off hours, there’s cameras checked daily. The programs are not always voluntary - many are on probation or parole and risk going to jail by violating their agreement if they leave.

  14. For the local program I know, techs get trained a week; just like any other fields BHTs do. No doors are not locked; that’s a violation of Medicaid rights. What if there was a fire?

  15. These programs clean up the streets in areas where they don't have the programs.

  16. I just love this RuZZian attempt to cause dissatisfaction in Europe.

  17. Those countries and their neighbors aren't directly threatened by Russian aggression

  18. I do Dalton's Myoskeletal Alignment Technique. There's a therapist finder on the website.

  19. Again, this is just a shotgun approach to several different possibilities. Your specific issues would need to be seen in the office, one on one. Ask around your gym for the best professionals in your area that work with athletes.

  20. As for approach? Massage to open the chest and neck. Strength focus on shoulders and glutes/quads.

  21. Okay, thank you for the advice! Are you saying that there are other exercises I should be doing?

  22. Sounds like a Cervicogenic Headache (cervical - neck, genic- caused)

  23. Stop fighting your supporters. Fight Russians. The Swiss Do Support Russia Sanctions.


  25. If you want to decrease tightness in the calves, strengthen the shins, Tibialis Anterior.

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