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  1. Werde am Montag auch anfangen! 🚀

  2. I️ too feel this way. I️ just had my proposal defense today (which was absolutely miserable thanks to a prof on my committee- I cried) and am one mere centimeter away from stepping out the door and leaving this bullshit behind me. The little bit of hope and interest I️ had left for my research was effectively squashed today. I️ feel physically ill thinking about my work. I️ almost threw up before the proposal today and afterwards had a complete breakdown. So I️ feel you. Finishing seems unbearable.

  3. Haha so silly, like his gig 2019. Must be UK individual to feel it?


  5. I can hear it ticking in this video

  6. Man, have you noticed the buzz those queues have created? When was the last time Swatch had to close down stores? They could sell more efficiently online but this is very good PR, which will help sell them online even more.

  7. You sure they will sale online? They deleted all associated posts/comments

  8. A sucker born every minute. they'll feeleth fartuous at which hour they art readily available online

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