1. I wanted an Izod shirt so bad in the 80’s. We couldn’t afford it. My mom sewed a penguin in my shirt where the alligator was supposed to be.

  2. Are you mad about the small nug? I’m so confused.

  3. It’s Great - a huge Nugget! Terpenes - it’s all good. I don’t have a microscope on my phone. Yes, standard wellness!

  4. Just checked and it said rise in Cleve has them

  5. I really really like the Wana sour mango 10 mg gummy. It’s the happiest gummy I’ve ever tried!

  6. Legalization is 8+ years away. DeWine will be re-elected, then another Republican after that.

  7. I hope that you’re right but one thing is for sure on either side. There’s TONS of money to be made. When the government gets their hands on this lucrative MMJ thing, it’s already taxed. If it goes recreational, more hands and more pockets and way more money.

  8. Try orange 43 if you ever get the chance

  9. Nahhh.. too much.. one or the other…

  10. They’re not giving us pain medication anymore, what do they expect us to do?

  11. I really enjoyed this strain…. I tried three of their new ones and thought they were great. 22.2% but it hit much harder than that. Really covered in trichomes.

  12. Me too! Was almost spiritual! Love this strain!

  13. What papers did you use? New at the joint business. Have a glass bowl. Thx

  14. Just tried Standard Wellness caramels! Didn’t disappoint!!!!

  15. Can’t wait to try!!!Just bought today!!!!

  16. Lucky duck….where’d you find it? Got some Standard Wellness Lemon Herer today.. enjoying it!! 😉

  17. How was/iS IT?? I’ve been excited to try their new flower…

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