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  1. yeah of ALL the problems with the defense, Danielle is not one. He may be the only rock-solid part of the defense. Impossible for pass rush to hit home when there is literally always someone wide open in the middle of the field.

  2. Danielle hunter is not the problem, scheme is the problem why tf would you drop him in coverage? He's built for getting to the QB not covering crossing routes

  3. the theoretical reason is that it forces offenses to have to account for the fact that Danielle won’t always be rushing the passer. Very similar idea as Zimmer’s exotic drop blitzes (Danielle has dropped back in coverage 15x in a season before, it’s not like he never did before).

  4. 15 is less than half 34 and a much more reasonable number. The only thing I saw dropping him do was lead to mismatches favoring the offense in coverage

  5. Problem is, they have to decide if they're sticking with the 3-4 or going back to the 4-3. I'd rather have the DC buttoned up as far out from the draft as possible.

  6. bro a lot i thought it was working in the second half so i kept juggernauting through. now i’m really high and sad

  7. "...and he threw it short of the first down. Stupidest shit I've ever seen"

  8. Well as we all know sex offenders must announce themselves to their neighbors

  9. Vikings: win super bowl by 2 touchdowns

  10. Interesting principle authright. Let’s see how your representatives in Congress vote.

  11. Implying the government is the only entity that can provide aid to said children

  12. Hm so this is the "rational" secularism I'm supposed to accept?

  13. I support the abolition of all unconstitutional alphabet agencies.

  14. Completely. In fact I think any who work for them should be put on trial

  15. Isn't it amazing how everything they accused trump of Biden has actually done?

  16. Don't worry I have been personally assured that this never happens ever

  17. Walls don't work this is a waste of taxpayer money. In fact his house should have no walls because not only do they not work but they are racist

  18. It says a lot that it's impossible to tell if this comment is ironic or serious.

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