1. I wouldn't be so sure. My mom did the same thing, 5 guys later she's still clueless and failing at life.

  2. If he said that on the podcast that is fucking nasty. If I was her I would be so embarrassed

  3. Let the baby stay on the boob for as long as they want, it’ll help in the long run! Make sure you’re staying hydrated and soak up these moments ♥️

  4. That is so terrible. I’m so sorry she treated you like that. My grandmother loves to body shame too. It’s disgusting

  5. So just because you don't like his nose you think he's ugly? That's shallow. It's just ONE feature, one "bad feature" doesn't make a person ugly. I personally think his nose is fine as it is though.

  6. Remember to blur any of the child’s identifying features so we don’t further exploit the child

  7. That verse was written by King David, while Saul was in pursuit. Trying to kill him.

  8. There’s a fine line between normalizing things women experience vs over sharing 🤢

  9. I could have lived my whole life without having to watch Chris Brown dry hump a fan

  10. To keep a horse tuned up you’ve got to be out there no less than like 4-5 times a week riding. Or paying for training lessons from someone else. Lies lies lies.

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