AITA for accepting my family's Christmas invitation despite my husband being upset?

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  1. I mentally struggle on Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. because I really want to watch the show, but I know once I watch it then it'll be over and have to wait another week.

  2. I like the time between the episodes, and also usually watch them 2-3x each due to all the tiny little details. However, I'm not sure I'll be able to take the wait after this week for the finale, and will try not to watch it haha :x

  3. Humble honest witty and also well dressed and willing to try whatever to make a situation work? How’s this a real question.

  4. To me, Daphne is the only person who can't be the killer or the dead body.

  5. I have never been to the Mediterranean so maybe there are no waves or tides there (doubtful), but unless the body was well anchored down it is highly unlikely she could just swim out to meet it in any predictable fashion.

  6. No lie, my mom has (as in still does have) sentimental rock sugar (for baking) she bought in Japan in the shrink-wrapped box from 1979. She bought it shopping with a friend no longer with us…

  7. It's interesting that in both HBO shows that Michael Imperioli has been in, he's played an addict of some kind.

  8. Kind of but many/most of the characters on sopranos and white lotus have addiction issues of some kind...

  9. Greg is supposed to return either by this episode and we didn’t see it, or the next one, isn’t he? Every episode covers a day, and he said he would be a only a couple days in Denver and then return to Taormina

  10. What she described is also something sold by places like Victoria’s Secret and often marketed as lingerie. There’s typically very little for straps and they’re clingy. I’m not sure I agree with OP’s reasoning, but I don’t think she’s out of line to ask her to wear a robe. NTA

  11. I think it’s ok to suggest a robe (not demand) but op is TA for this.. how many men sleep in boxers yet women can’t wear a knee length dress to bed? Not like she’s taking over the living room all day in it either. I personally am ok with all varieties of clothes you’d expect to see outside in the house even if i’m a little bit of a prude, that’s a me thing and not a knee length slip dress isn’t something people wear outside.

  12. Lol he's like four years younger than Conor Oberst. I had an "oh no how old am I" moment looking up this information tho, thanks for the scare ;)

  13. Much respect for the Albie lovers in the thread, but I really can't with the dishwater personality. Give me some cheeky guy who can banter and doesn't mind if I ask "did you shit your pants?".

  14. Very interesting, almost every main character has shown to be dynamic rather than static so far. Whether they will complete their transformations or revert back to their original archetype remains to be seen…

  15. How is everyone so gullible to con artists? The guy Tanya is with is obviously threatening and the piano player obviously has no power.

  16. Mia is 22 and Tanya … not sure that’s even a con, she trades money for feigned emotional intimacy, probably the most self aware character on the show, somehow.

  17. albie not even glancing at the other young women on his way to the beach club chair to find portia - interestin

  18. I loved this scene so much. Just totally ignoring the sea of beautiful women around his age.

  19. I think it's also so easy to come off as a good person on SC because the men on that show are soooo awful. The guys on Summer/Winter house can definitely be fuck boys, but they aren't scummy like some of the men on southern charm. It really makes his behavior stand out a lot more since the bar isn't on the (glass covered) floor lol.

  20. They are the worst on SC, if you don't take every opportunity to get piss drunk and scream at everyone who cares about you you're off the show in a season. lol @ glass covered floor too

  21. Omgahhh the guy I dated when I was 22. 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  22. If I was dating someone when I was 22 I simply can't recall! Burn that memory with FIRE lol

  23. Entitlement led her to believe she could give in a paper proposal with clashing fonts and get paid to eat/drink/stay anywhere that took her fancy 😂😂

  24. He also specifically asked for a POC or proof of concept which means an actual website the second time and she just did a fancier powerpoint lol :( it almost killed me

  25. I started watching WH yesterday after finishing s8 of SC and wow she is SO cute and charming in s1 of WH. I didn’t dislike her especially on SC, at first she seemed kind of snotty but it became clear it’s just editing to make her look like a NYC snob, but WH first season really sold me on her. When she describes nyc dating as “went on a few dates, got ghosted a few times, ghosted a few ppl” lol.

  26. wild guess? lucia helps albie make portia jealous, and if she does end up jealous it’ll be commentary on how we don’t always want things that align with our morals? lucia seems like she wants to help ppl out in a fun way, with mia and the music stuff. she could be just acting for fun - it’d be cute if they actually fell for each other and r both jjst nice good ppl to each other. idk haha

  27. These stills have got me really excited. I watched the teaser for the next episode like six times already, I love the narrative that Lucia, now temporarily bored for five minutes, seeks to play a little cupid with broken bird-loving Albie.

  28. haha the abs comment!! 😂 i’m so happy this comment was well received, was nervous abt posting here.

  29. Yes, there’s such a parallel! Maybe Lucia’s type is sad romantics to cheer up..

  30. OP’s family has been in control of her life up until now. She’s perfectly comfortable letting them make the important decisions in her life. Dealing with that is exhausting, and it makes the spouse feel unimportant. That’s true even if the in laws like the spouse, but in this case, they decided that he was the enemy.

  31. This is such a good point, I was confused why OP seemingly non-maliciously is not defending her spouse against them (and not even asking about xmas plans) but seems like maybe a little bit of naivety combined with being used to her parents dominating her personal life for a decade.

  32. Let me mess up your stats: courthouse wedding in 2011, caught him cheating in 2021, divorced 2022. The wedding has nothing to do with the character of the people.

  33. I don’t have any advice but much empathy and sending you positive healing vibes after dealing with this. Good job advocating for yourself!

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