to prove that more guns equals more safety

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  1. After reading both, I’m still not clear what the story is about?

  2. Your mileage may very but I used prepaid SIMs from Comviq and was never able to get them to work outside of Sweden, even though Comviq claimed they would. My kids have had similar experiences. It’s also impossible to reach anyone for customer support at Comviq. That said their prices were decent as was the coverage while in Sweden.

  3. It works fine. I've been using it for years. I use the Amigos plan and it works in Europe.

  4. When creating content, conflict can actually produce better results as long as everyone is being a grownup. Adam Savage has said on multiple occasions that he and Jamie butted heads multiple times when planning Mythbusters episodes, and that they didn’t get along.

  5. Their problem seems to be the fact that she publicly talked about the changes he made not that she made changes.

  6. No one has screens on their windows in Europe. How do you open your window without getting a house full of bugs?

  7. Depends on the country. Window screens are very common in Greece, for example.

  8. I think certain countries need to be specified really. The cultures of the UK and Greece are completely different to make a blanket statement

  9. THat's true. Are there any US states that you would consider completely different, to the point that they could easily be different countries?

  10. I found the ending hopeful. Two humans admitting that, in the end, all we got is one another and there can be no substitutes for that.

  11. Yeah but this is a headset, not even the glasses, so we’re expected to spend 3k on an Apple Oculus Quest? I own every Apple product, but I’m not sold on this.

  12. If it's AR then the whole point is to be able to wear them when you're out and about

  13. It’s also rumored to be VR, so we can agree that it will be a headset that encloses your eyes, which means you’d need to be able to walk down the street with a big thing strapped to your face, which is weird already. Then the latency would have to be sufficient to navigate real life… seems like a tall order already, don’t you think?

  14. VR? Oh, man, now I'm disappointed. I thought they were going for something that's closer to the glasses in the movie Her

  15. I honestly don't know if these would hold up today but I thoroughly enjoyed watching them back then:

  16. No I know how the world would be if it was one giant pinball machine

  17. How did you handle going to the beach by yourself and not worrying about getting your stuff stolen? I'm always worried when I do that.

  18. Never thought of that! Might just gjve it a try.

  19. Regarding having a goal/reason, walk to a store that sells something you like (a cup of coffee or something) and that's pretty far.

  20. Musk will say anything that gives results in free marketing

  21. Those are not even that salty. They are a good snack to eat when watching tv. 😋

  22. What's hotter a hotter lakrits candy than Tyrkisk Peber?

  23. A great movie that I don't recommend to anyone

  24. Imagine murdering a child for freeing other enslaved children. Straight to hell you go

  25. "If there is a God, He will have to beg for my forgiveness" — quote etched on the wall of a concentration camp in Nazi Germany

  26. And if he gets hungry he'll just devour books!

  27. Or just skip the second best and go straight to Norway;)

  28. This post is very thorough. I wanted to add that you can lock your credit for free. This way if anyone tries to do anything in your name it blocks them immediately. Rather install a safeguard than repair any further damage afterward.

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