1. I don’t understand why they announce these if they’re not open to watch…

  2. Renaming the 'West Premium Terrace' to 'Austin Telco Terrace' so people can no longer bitch that there is nothing premium about it is smart.

  3. Every single game starts at 730pm or later this year. Sun isn't much of an issue at that time. I am happy to be out of the "premium" terrace and into the east lower bowl this season.

  4. There’s definitely sun poking through the stands on the west during the summer onto the lower east before 8pm, especially as you go south towards the supporters section. I know because I’ve stared into it.

  5. That TV is higher than Snoop Dogg on Willie Nelson’s tour bus.

  6. Is there a rumor we're getting Will Bruin? I'm a retired Dynamo fan so I love some Will Bruin.

  7. Probably minimal negative effect on the team but all signs point to good for his mental health and well-being for the next few months.

  8. He lost his grandmother and brother last year along with the birth of his son. It’s been very challenging for him to be there for his family while based in Texas so moving to a league where he speaks the language and it’s easier to travel in and out of Senegal is a big benefit to him.

  9. Thanks for the screenshot. Sadly, I don’t have that button. Maybe it’s a bug. Here is my screen:

  10. You need to change carrot’s personality. Guessing you’ve had it on professional so you’ve missed all the interactions and gifts.

  11. If I have learned anything from this sub, it's don't park your trailer full of stuff within 100 miles of ATX.

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