1. These posts make me sad because the takis in my area have no powder

  2. wow so pretty, it looks like they added new items, I haven't seen those before

  3. It’s most of the strawberry theme and i just got the bunny from the Easter collection :)

  4. I guess the top half just refers to emotions being naked or revealed. So would you say you show your emotions a lot?

  5. i would think so. i cry when im angry so im a pretty emotional person lmao

  6. First world problems. Hundreds of us can’t get our fish or shrimp for 9 months to 1 year. Blocked by shopping cart

  7. If you go to your settings you can check a box that will let the game know to not show the baby. you will still have the nursery but your baby won’t be there :)

  8. i’ve noticed this too! i have all 12 cats and sometimes i can only find like 7-10?


  10. i got pesto from Alicante after he got kicked out of his shop. He gave it to me in exchange for hanging a poster of him in my shop. It happened pretty randomly so maybe he’ll show up soon ?

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