1. Just go as soon as the pace car goes in. No one expects it and you usually enter turn 1 with a decent lead.

  2. Perfectly legal and often happens in real racing.

  3. I understand it is allowed in iRacing but did not know it was IRL.

  4. Did you set the chat to output to the audio device you are listening on in the the Options/Sound page?

  5. The only time I've said something to someone was when I said (at new Atlanta) "Hey 12, my tires are going away so please don't bump draft me". Then he proceeded to do it twice. "Yo 12, please don't bump draft me. Got no rear grip. You're going to have to get a run". Then he absolutely gave me a shove that put me into the inside wall off of 2.

  6. Some people run with voice chat turned off. You can talk all you want but it won't help if they can't hear you.

  7. Its the tension. You have to be super focussed on the task of driving, so that when something shatters that focus it is jarring and you have an emotional response.

  8. What a mess this town's in tatters, I've been shattered My brain's been battered...

  9. Why the down votes? Good Encanto reference bro.

  10. Looks great, darkness can help a lot with immersion. I built my budget rig in a store room and then painted the entire room black. The whole thing came out pretty cool and aside from having a vacuum for a co-driver it feels like I'm in a real car!

  11. Picking the appropriate hardware for the car you are running is fastest:

  12. Anyone know what the GR86 uses? Sequential stick?

  13. But why? Is it just so when you spin out and about to stop, you don’t have to remember to hit the clutch pedal to keep the car from turning off? Or is there something else? Thx

  14. Stalling on a standing start with people behind you is bad. I am too scared to run with out anti-stall for that reason. If not for that I would prefer to use it for the added immersion.

  15. I literally just watched that movie for the first time last night.

  16. That's what I was thinking too but went with what my daughter calls them :)

  17. You've got to concentrate... concentrate... concentrate...

  18. I am not an engineer but I prototype lots of my mechanical projects with lego.

  19. It comes on the heels of one of the biggest updates in a while. What exactly were you looking for?

  20. If he hits a pedestrian, they are fucked.First they smack into the rocket-dick on the front bumper and proceed to land in the saw blades that are embedded into the hood.

  21. I hate it when I get hit by a car, but it really ruins my day when that car hits me with a missile.

  22. Haha, timing is everything. I feel like I wished for it and it came true! Thanks.

  23. I suppose it is the penalty for not being up on current events.

  24. It’s log, It’s log, For fun it’s a wonderful toy…

  25. I accidentally almost pulled out in front of one at an intersection by my house yesterday, I stopped short and waved sorry before realizing I was waving to an empty car. So weird.

  26. Wouldn’t a part 2 necessitate a second nutshell?

  27. We may have to change the little blue pill to the little red one ..realistically republicans are trying to making voting as hard as possible so this checks out ..

  28. They have them in the IRS/ Treasury department. Trump isn't needed, he could die tonight and congress would have them.

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