1. laughing at how many people in the comments legit think "Chubby Drunk = CT"

  2. I would have thought there was nothing more unnecessary in the entertainment world than a new version of Night Court

  3. Why don't grasshoppers infinite growth? I dunno. So dumb. I'm not even sure it's a valid question.

  4. Yes, but the point I am making is that they are paid subscribers by the accounting.

  5. But I don't CARE about the accounting. Again, you were answering a question I wasn't asking. You literally wasted our time. It wasn't enlightening or interesting. Or relevant to anything.

  6. "I don't get the popularity of Splash Mountain."

  7. Hey I don't mean to "ermmmm actually" you but as a fan of the movie I went to watch it for the story, and it wasn't only me. Saying a movie is a ride is just a way to discredit it and can be said about any movie. It's subjective is what I'm trying to get at.

  8. The comparisons to Dirk weren't really that accurate, they just didn't know how to quantify what we were seeing in Durant. They kinda just simplified it down to "7 footer who can put the ball on the floor and shoot 3s". Durant really doesn't have a predecessor, in my opinion.

  9. Pippen but longer and with more upside was the pitch I kept hearing at the time

  10. At the time, center players were highly coveted. The thought was that you needed at superstar center to build your team around. Shaq, ben Wallace, Duncan/Robinson. At that point post MJ -2007 every team that won had a superstar center. Mabye a blazers fan could give a better account, but they already had Brandon Roy and Aldridge, Oden would have been the missing piece.

  11. You also gotta keep in mind the whole city (and this includes the Front Office) immediately fell in love with the idea of getting a do-over on the Sam Bowie draft and getting it right this time. A whole lot of people out this way willed themselves into believing Oden was a no-brainer, as guaranteed a draft-day win as Hakeem Olajuwon or David Robinson.

  12. I wonder if part of this will extend to what I'm sure is making their numbers look better than they are:

  13. That's a sweet Buick Regal tho. Sure, sucks about the windshield, but put a li'l work into that baby, you got a sweet drivable couch for weekend getaways

  14. It's an amusement park ride. It's a great amusement park ride. It does things movies also trying to be amusement park rides can't do. It makes billions because the guy making this ride is so good at making them, that people feel like they HAVE to spend $30 per ticket to see it in PLF with glasses on their face otherwise they're doing it wrong.

  15. I don’t think it’s controversial at this point to say that A2’s storytelling is excellent and one of the reasons it’s doing as well as it is. I’d say the amusement park metaphor does it a disservice.

  16. Why does the amusement park metaphor "do it a disservice?" why does it need to be more than an amusement park ride in order to justify its success?

  17. Of that group, if that group was in fact the slate they're sitting in front of and deciding upon - I would bet they go with Coppola.

  18. Despite my earlier beliefs that the puck's last update a couple months ago seemed to have fixed all the weird framerate issues I was having (specifically with Disney+) it turns out that... was not the case at all. I ended up swapping the puck back out for an ONN TV 4K box in the meantime. I guess I'll try updating it with this to see if any weird stuttery framerate issues are still occurring post update, although I'm not sure if I'm going to try the factory resetting 2x-3x thing since that appeared to basically be kind of a placebo effect?

  19. The article is new but I swear I've seen the video at the bottom of the piece a couple years ago? Maybe only just last year.

  20. Diesel is like the perfect combination of completely oblivious yet utterly shameless.

  21. Seems like we’re bound to get a certain level of confusion in the marketplace if there are two Batmans. But this all could be fun and good, and it seems like an organized and sensible plan!

  22. So is Supergirl going to be Sasha Calle? Completely different Supergirl?

  23. Jackson McHenry fucked up hard on this one.

  24. What on earth are you talking about with solipsism? I know what it means but I don’t know what you mean.

  25. If you know what it means there shouldn’t be any misunderstanding then. Dunno how else to describe it than with an easily understood word you admit you understand.

  26. Male Challengers I would put over Fessy off the top of my head with a maximum of 10 seconds forethought, and in no particular order

  27. Headline writers should have their names printed at the bottom of the article.

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