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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Probably didn't increase the value at all. With today's used car market a clean, working, small, fuel efficient car is actually a rare find. Probably worth a few grand either way.

  2. What dreams? What "wealth"? Working 2 jobs just to make rent and utilities? Eff that. You're better off working only ONE job and/or likely getting financial assistance if you qualify for it. Burning one's self out well before hitting retirement age is NOBODY'S dream unless they're a literal workaholic.

  3. Exactly, tax wealth not income. Don't give benefits to the person working part time and deny benefits to the person working 2 jobs to get ahead.

  4. It would be a distinction without a difference regarding the ultra wealthy.

  5. Tax the land, not income. It looks pretty different when you make more than poverty wages. You see that doubling you income disqualifies you from a lot, but doesn't really do much to give you control of your life.

  6. Look like a picture from 250,000 feet above a picture from 70,000 feet to me.

  7. Low income Black families existed once but they were forced apart by housing rules/ other social constructs designed to separate them. Other Americans are now in similar situations where staying married will mean not getting services.

  8. What happened is the systemic racism targeted the poor, and it worked because blacks were the poorest, least educated when the civil rights movement was allowed to happen. Now the specificity of poverty hostile policy has partially worn off somewhat.

  9. I want the government to bring back the cash for clunkers program and gear it towards electric rebates. I think there could be a program for people to get out of lopsided car loans it could be a win for the car companies to get rid of inventory. The interest rates are a big part of this not working out. Oh, and any programs that actually help people are a no go for Republicans.

  10. Cash for clunkers was a huge win for carmakers. Used car prices increased so much that carmakers could discontinue all of their affordable cars.

  11. Im curious about how these studies will look in another 20-50 years with the blurring of gender roles and improvement in men's support structures. It'll be especially interesting to compare the data of same sex couples. I think the reasons for this are quite complex with regards to women's support structures and them coming from a generation where the woman is expected to take on the lions share of domestic labor, which is the bulk of labor performed after people enter the retirement years. I find that a lot of old men don't appear to have hobbies or volunteer gigs, which are huge life extenders. Yay social sciences. So much theory, no way to prove it. Haha

  12. I was thinking the same. Older men's social lives were largely composed of work and wife. After retirement, empty nest, and widowering an old man is left with nothing.

  13. We should ban birth control, right after we ban cigarettes, asbestos, leaded aviation fuel, chlorinated hydrocarbons, liquor, cured meat products, most pesticides, and tanning salons.

  14. For anyone wondering 77% is livestock feed and 16% is for biofuels. So it's still for human consumption mostly, just not direct consumption.

  15. Biofuels act as a price floor and waste management stream. Solids from ethanol (distillers grain) production are high quality animal feed. The corn itself has too much starch.

  16. I did, it's the black box in the front left, the SSD is only for the windows OS so it boots up faster

  17. Just say the 240gb ssd is for backing up important information or booting into a different operating system.

  18. Average and 0.1% low are most important.

  19. This is what you get when you have far left loons running around completely out of control with nothing better to do than getting offended.

  20. What is your idea for controlling the leftists? Do they have too much freedom?

  21. Manual transmissions in modern cars are all but extinct. They stopped making them around 2018 or so. The only cars with manual are high performance/racing vehicles because the ability to wind out the gears gives a car a huge speed advantage over an automatic transmission.

  22. Driving a manual is more fun. Even in traffic the only real problem with a manual is that you are gonna wear out your clutch a lot faster.

  23. I got a base model manual Civic in 19. You can still get an SI manual, but sadly the base model stopped having manual after 2019 and the sport model lost it too for the latest generation.

  24. This does get at the practical upper limit for the size of a molecule. A neutron star is definately too big.

  25. This is suspiciously good IMO. Most new players post screenshots and I have to bite my tongue at how broken it is, but to have done this in 6 hours without even having done the tutorial first is amazing.

  26. I think the popularity of Factorio makes the learning curve easier. I think most new players know what an assembler is before they buy the game now.

  27. A lot of the people saying this is "common sense" or saying that "poor people are poor" seem to be not reading the part that says housing insecurity leads to poorer disaster prep -- even for those who have the same income and education as those with more secure housing. So housing insecurity has effects independent of income or poverty. Maybe you still think that is dumb, but still it is not something that is obvious or not worth studying.

  28. But this research in no way shows that housing insecurity is a cause. Wealth, not income, should scale with preparedness. A homeowner with no debt has much more disposable income than even a higher income person with a mortgage, car payments, and student loans.

  29. You have so much dead space in the center of your build. Your heat pipes are losing heat and efficiency because the heat exchangers are so far away from the reactors.

  30. Heat pipes don't lose any heat, except for the initial warmup cost. The issue with this setup is how taxing all of the fluid calculations will be on the CPU. It doesn't really matter until it starts to lag the game.

  31. That 14 year olds have no business voting? I have heard some on the left say it should be reduced to 16, but that's a minority opinion as far as I can tell. I've never heard anyone advocate for 14 for voting.

  32. So maybe his "nazi collaboration" at age 14 doesn't make him a nazi today. 14 year olds don't have the autonomy to be blamed for being stuck under the care of a nazi. Why should George feel guilty for what his godfather did?

  33. I'm just passing on information from the mouth of the person in question lol I didn't make a single judgement, just distilled what Soros himself says in the interview i provided. You want to talk 'identity politics' in Nazi Budapest? Big lol there.

  34. Identity politics was a crucial aspect of Nazism. White supremacy is identity politics. Duh.

  35. I see AI brought up a lot as a very near-term threat to the labor market without people realizing that the servers required to run it properly is a massive lift. It's not some easy switch you flip on and now a computer is doing your job. Plenty of companies either won't trust AI or won't have the capital to spend what it'll take to properly implement it.

  36. But it is a near term issue in people's lives. 5 years is a long time in the tech indusry, maybe the limitations of AI will prevent major change, but "knowledge workers" far from retirement had better be cautious.

  37. These "economist" that help put things like this out are using flimsy logic and rigged math to come up with these numbers. The jobs they boast about are minimum wage with no benefits, in the service industry, such as fast food. The unemployment numbers are low because most of those people have been in it so long they can no longer collect on it, newly unemployed may not be eligible, some states say that if you work as little as four hours a week you are considered gainfully employed and say you aren't eligible, and a list of other people they do not count to help keep that number artificially low. This is just state propaganda at this point, and it is damaging the country by white washing many of the problems we face as a nation, and ignoring issues where we desperately need help!

  38. While I disagree that there is an unusually high amount of people in minimum wage jobs right now there are good reasons not to take unemployment numbers seriously. Underemployed and "discouraged" workers aren't accounted for in a reasonable way.

  39. I like how my wife thinks that setting the air on 60 will make it cool off faster than setting it on the temperature she actually wants, which is 70.

  40. I used to think like you, but when you need the defroster to get you to work on time safely you don't stop turning the knob and think "72 should be plenty".

  41. You are kinda proving my point with the mention of TLoUp1. You would think naughty dog killed everyone’s first born child with the amount of flaming the release of that game got on Reddit, and it was marketed as a remake, not TLoU3.

  42. I guess its cause this game is free, and supposedly still runs on cheap hardware. There was no big budget blown on marketing this. What is there to get mad about?

  43. Any other company puts out a “new game” that is just graphical and smoke overhauls to an 11 year old game would get shit on endlessly. Yet the valve fanboys are eating this up.

  44. Every information source is biased. Anyone claiming to be unbiased is a liar.

  45. So if it's biased and it's the world's #1 search engine, then it has too much influence on the population and it shouldn't have that much power. It's already the propaganda machine that you're talking about.

  46. I'm just saying that Republicans wouldn't be talking about trust busting if they didn't have an ulterior motive.

  47. So you're telling me that if things were different than they are now then touchscreens would be cheaper?

  48. The Hyundai will still have a touchscreen, it just won't control the window defroster. Hyundai doesn't market their cars as "the cheapest car you can buy" anymore.

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