1. 7.5/10 you need a side table for drinks - food other wise it's exceptional

  2. If it's "new l" I want a factory sealed case.

  3. Why use the twerking glitch & they don't catch you

  4. You just use crouch continually off & on it looks like you're twerking & bad guys leave you alone

  5. How they don't use Ikea name. Just because it's similar. Fair use it's transformative

  6. Fuck IKEA they were founded by a goose stepping a hole

  7. Yeah I can watch all the east coast games but almost no west coast games for me & I'm not paying 200+

  8. It's not worth it just a remake of a mediocre cod

  9. I think 3 & combined assault was better. But this was still good

  10. I'm usually on discord dicking around. I could use a friend too

  11. Say "whar a cute kitty" "do you need a home"

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