Better Call Saul S06E12 - "Waterworks" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. I think if you’re going to make long-form reviews of anything, they should have broader discussions about context, cultural or otherwise. But theres a few things I’ve noticed about the alt-right film review scene: a) they are obsessed with breaking down media into a binary good-or-bad scale, which is something non-hack critics tend to dislike because it strips nuance away from discussion about film, and b) their obsession with objectivity means they think absolutely NOTHING from the outside world should affect the critic’s judgments. Ultimately, this means the ONLY thing “valuable” about Mauler and his idiot clones’ reviews is the title, where they tell you exactly how they feel about the film, and contribute absolutely nothing else useful or insightful to the discussion.

  2. One good example of this is Noah Caldwell Gervais in my opinion. He often makes videos on games that are over two hours in length but I don’t think there’s even one wasted minute because he not only looks at the game/games he is critiquing but also what inspired and influenced them, how they fit into the broader canon of media and pop-culture as a whole and his subjective experience with them in reflection of his personal preferences and biases. His videos almost have an academic quality in how comprehensive they are.

  3. What I don’t understand is how the DLC will be integrated given the endings. Will it take place before meeting with Hanako at Embers?

  4. I think it refers to it being laterally “between” Nokron at the bottom and the fallen Sky City that we can find fragments and ruins of throughout the world.

  5. This is something I love about Elden Ring’s map: it’s not so much that it shows you where things are but instead makes you wonder what they are.

  6. Why not get the actual fucking actor to play in the movie? Sam Witwer is an insanely underrated and overlooked actor it drives me crazy, he has incredible talent

  7. Sam Witwer is so underrated. He really needs to get a big break in live action. Loved him ever since he voiced Starkiller.

  8. The cast of that lady is the worst, she does not look anything like Ellie, she is not physically graceful and she is 20 years old, which is noticeable, everything else looks decent, but when one of your two main characters is so out of place, there is no turning back.

  9. Sadie Sink would have made a good Ellie I think and Hugh Jackman would have been perfect for Joel.

  10. Am I the only one who found the Jesse scene really rough? Not just because of how much older Aaron looked but because it felt like he was “doing Jesse” for an audience instead of embodying the character.

  11. Well, Jesse did act that way before his life was ruined. He was a happy go lucky kind of guy, before everything turned to shit. Kim had literally just left that world of shit behind, so I think its meant to show one story "ending" and another one just about to "begin" so any other random no name wouldn't have worked as well, since we know Jesse's story.

  12. True, you could see it that way. I don’t really have a problem with it being Jesse I just found Aaron’s acting a but distracting and over the top which took me out of the scene. Maybe it’s just because we’re used to a younger Jesse acting this way instead of a Jesse that looks and sounds 40+.

  13. I agree. It's even more clear when you have the new Stranger Things for a direct comparison.

  14. I‘m really impressed with the new season of Stranger Things even though I‘m not the biggest fan of the show. The cinematography and production design is absolutely movie quality and the CGI is pretty damn good for the most part.

  15. I think it's because of Stagecraft. When people know how to use it, you get stuff like Mando. But other times it feels like Prequel quality looking effects. That city scape from episode 2 looked like that awful looking Star Wars Underground pitch video from Lucas to me.

  16. Stagecraft is really just a better and more advanced Green Screen but they are now making the same mistake Lucas made with the prequels thinking they can completely replace sets and locations with it. It’s a tool not a replacement.

  17. I personally use the 1 dollar 1 hour rule. I bought the game because I was certain I could spend 20 hours in it (which I did). If I were to spend another 40 hours in the game I could easily justify the content as I clearly like the game that much. I do not think the contact in the pack is enough for forty dollars worth of play time but if I was playing the game that long then sure I could see it.

  18. That's kind of a flawed calculation in my opinion because hours in games are not created equal. 5 hours in one game can bring you more fun and enjoyment than 30 hours in another game.

  19. A director can have a major influence on the final product and the way a story is told. Although the BrBa + BCS team is legit, Deborah Chow is an amazing director no matter how you look at it.

  20. A director is still mostly bound to the script they are adapting. Even the best director can only do so much with a bad script. Better Call Saul consistently has some of the best scripts ever written. Disney Star Wars… not so much.

  21. Watching this after watching a show like BCS is laughable. The difference in quality is genuinely astounding. I’m a huge Star Wars fan but everything being produced these days is so mid.

  22. An episode of BCS is so well written, directed and acted that 50 minutes often feel like less than 20 to me and I go “What it’s over already?”

  23. The most disturbing thing in this game so far is when I realized that I just murdered an entire village of demi-humans, the women, the men, their friendly runebears they had guarding the approach to the village, their Queen who was harboring exiled mages who were apparently teaching her magic in thanks....i killed all their livestock......even the children...I even murdered all the villages children...they were out in the fields tending the of those crazy fuckers captured and rebuilt an Iron Maiden and even improved it to help defend the village...I think the demi humans in the village distrusted him or thought he was practicing the dark arts because apparently they made him live just outside the village proper in his own shack.....they were establishing a community, they had a Monarch, some were smart enough to build machines...but I killed them all..nevermore....nevermore.....The Lands Between will never know how advanced they could've become

  24. wjbc says:

    Because that’s not the story they were told. Remember that the elite civilians Coltaine saved hated him and blamed him for all their troubles. That’s the story they brought back to the Empire. Then it turned out Mallick Rel had subverted the Claw and to survive the Empress made a deal with Rel to blame the Wickans instead of praising them.

  25. Oh that makes total sense. Of course they would spin in that way. Thanks for clearing that up.

  26. I could be wrong but isn’t Asia already much smaller than most maps depict? I think it’s always slightly distorted.

  27. Asia is the largest continent, no matter the map projection.

  28. Yeah no doubt it’s the largest but I think the proportion is usually a bit off due to having to adjust for curvature.

  29. I don’t think it was ever as clear as you make it seem. People wear all kinds of different rings so even a ring on the ringfinger doesn’t necessarily indicate marital status. I think it would be very difficult to get people to adopt and wear a certain fashion accessory just to indicate their relationship status to strangers at all times and even then there could be confusion. Just make your intentions clear from the outset if possible.

  30. I feel that the character classes limited them on what abilities certain characters could have. It’s a cool idea in theory but it also makes a lot of characters less interesting than they used to be.

  31. Yeah, a battle in the first chapter is very rarely engaging or interesting enough for me to want to keep reading.

  32. Late to the post and maybe an unpopular opinion but I find lengthy and detailed descriptions of action scenes pretty un-engaging in general, even if I care about the characters involved. Give me a general idea of the scene, only show me the beats that really matter, let my mind fill in the rest.

  33. I’m really disappointed in the levels, they are just way too short and simplistic and skip over quite a few iconic moments. Most of the time you’ll just run around and fight some enemies. There’s very little building and puzzles this time around.

  34. Good effort but your tenses are all over the place. You’re constantly switching between present and past for no reason. I would personally advise against using present tense but if that’s your style it’s fine, just make sure to get your tenses straight.

  35. Could just link it to specific remembrances. Or just the kills, since the game would record whether or not a boss is dead, and the player knows they're supposed to kill two demigods.

  36. The problem is that you can duplicate remembrances at the Walking Mausoleums but tracking boss kills could work. To be honest I don’t really see how gating Leyndell really matters anyway in NG+ just let people rush to the end game if they want to.

  37. I have played ~100hrs and never gotten a Bell Bearing (other than Ds). There are bell bearings you get without NPCs dying?

  38. You find some in Dungeons and Catacombs to unlock smithing stones and ghost gloverwarts at the twin maiden husk shop. Some NPCs will also drop them if they sell stuff or have a quest item tied to them.

  39. Blooborne did the whole "making you be aggressive thing " better because they actually gave you health back for doing so.

  40. The most frustrating thing is that the rallying mechanic is actually in the game but it's locked behind the Great Rune of a very late game boss (probably the last most people will fight) making it completely worthless because Great Runes don't carry over into NG+ cycles. Bloodborne's rallying should be a Talisman and Sekiro's deflecting should be a passive weapon art on swords and katanas.

  41. Exactly this. Im considering buying bloodborne because it sounds like it actually rewards aggressive play unlike ER. I constantly get shit on by ER bosses because I don't want to spend half the fight waiting for an opening, but it practically forces you to.

  42. Bloodborne is still From Sotware's best work in my opinion and probably my favourite game of all time. The combat, the weapons, the bosses, the level design, the atmosphere, the lore - it all just works for me on so many levels.

  43. They should really be different colors in my opinion and it would be cool if you could place them through binoculars like in BotW.

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