1. The tubers would probably rot during a water prop, but I've had really excellent success propping string of hearts in a clear plastic box in damp sphagnum moss.

  2. I don't think just using EPP is limiting at all, but in general quilts were made for a long long long time without a machine. For centuries before pieced quilts became popular hand quilting both simple, and complex designs was a common technique for both bedcovers, and for garments. You don't need a machine to make a quilt.

  3. not to be a tyrannical mod, but that would be off topic.

  4. "Hey you Bitches, I made this so now roast the shit out of it"

  5. the idea of a dedicated SewRoastMe sub intrigues me but I would have -1000 desire to moderate it lol

  6. Explore is so useless. It either shows me things entirely unrelated to my interests, or things I have already seen, because I follow the creator and interacted with their posts.

  7. Brother brand machines tend to be slightly better made than the singer, don't pay extra for the singer "heavy duty" as that's just a brand and not actually heavy duty at all. A mechanical (dials, not buttons) machine is usually a bit easier for beginners and should have all the functions she will need.

  8. I was talking to someone recently who was frustrated that the garment they were knitting was too dense - she had been told they were twisting their stitches multiple times but she was under the impression it was an aesthetic problem. Not one of the "you are twisting" your stitches people had explained that the twisted stitches were the reason that fabric was so dense.

  9. This is really bad advice, its not just potentially damaging to your machine but fragments of pin and needle can go flying and potentially hurt someone very badly.

  10. I can’t remember the post, but there was a woman that found out her SO was on tinder but was getting zero responses/ghosted by all his attempts. Like, idk if anything is more embarrassing than trying to be a shitbag cheater than trying and failing so miserably

  11. my ex looked up an old girlfriend near the end of our relationship - I'm 99% sure cheating was the plan - but it turned out that she was 8 months pregnant and he ended up getting manipulated into driving her to maternity appointments and paying for baby stuff for her.

  12. I don’t think I could even be too mad at the ex-gf if I was in this situation 😂

  13. Naw, she clearly knew what was up, she's got her own issues but I got no problem with her on that.

  14. 7-8 - They aren't the right tool for every job, but when they are they really are. Handy for sure.

  15. Over the weekend I worked on the fabric ornaments I've been making for the extended family, and then I went to Joann's and decided that THIS is the year we no longer have sad floppy storeboughten stockings. I am quilting panels for the fronts and using the life sew savory template to cut them out. That's probably my main project for the week. I have no plan for the backs and linings other than the fact I have a number of fabrics that should "go" (or maybe it will be another trip to Joann because I genuinely forgot about anything but the pretty front and batting while I was all hopped up on the quilting cotton fumes Saturday).

  16. So mine are the historical farm shows from the BBC - Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm, Tudor Monastery Farm, and Secrets of the Castle are on prime. If you wanna go real deep Tales of the Green Valley and Victorian Pharmacy and Edwardian Train are on YouTube.

  17. I generally rinse anyway, but gently. Basically just not stressing if I don't get it all out like I would with a "do rinse" situation.

  18. I have been laid oh so very low with the flu. 0/10 do not recommend. Still not anywhere like 100%, but I'm back at work today. It rendered me too sick to read, too sick to knit, too sick to sew... just absolutely useless. As its grip has slacked off I have started Illuminations by Ursula Vernon and am slowly reading a bit here and there as I am able. I feel that it will be delightful, but as of yet the action hasn't really quite picked up just yet.

  19. A lady in my old baby group bought a sweatshirt cut similarly to this as a gag and modeled it while breastfeeding... Was funny in a very sleep deprived fashun kinda way.

  20. But so will a cardigan and a cardigan is much less ridiculous

  21. Just the serger at the moment, my old girl is in need of a repair man sadly.

  22. The linen will be pretty easy to work with, but with a serger you're pretty limited to like rolled hems.

  23. Oooh it makes me want to pop them like pimples! So strange

  24. I had so many plans for the long weekend but I got sick. Like too sick to knit or sew. Too sick to do anything but scroll my phone and sleep. I made one kid shirt before I got the immune system beat down. I am just hoping I can get a little something done this week.

  25. That nerve plant is not aquatic, go ahead and get it out.

  26. Seconding this, the fittonoia is good for terrariums not tanks.

  27. May I ask why your only alternative is spoon flower? Are you specifically going for custom printed fabric?

  28. I did the same thing, they are pretty happy in the bathroom window and I get to enjoy them all winter long.

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