Had to be one of my favorite K&P skits!

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  1. I am one with the force, and the force is with me.

  2. Anyone know if these do anything? Looks like maybe they thought of putting power in that top spot but decided not too.

  3. The rectangular space up top looks like the location where the cargo cover bar goes; there should be a similar feature on the opposite side. The strange looking circular thing with 4 notches on it houses a temperature sensor for the A/C to measure the temp in the back of the car.

  4. I’ve worked in restaurants and retail- never have I ever seen anyone cut a chicken this way- it makes no sense - it’s just plain weird

  5. I found this guy's Instagram and he is a Turkish butcher. This chicken is being butchered for sale at his shop. It looks to me most of these butterfly cuts are for Turkish chicken kebab.

  6. I have the same (genuine Toyota) on my 2018. All works good except it is prone to corrosion. In 2 occasions already I've had to clean/remove rust and finish with undercoating. Next time I will try POR15.

  7. To clarify, only the bottom side thats facing the road gets corroded. The rest of the hitch is holding up good.

  8. When I lived in the Caribbean, a truck would often come by selling these for about 1.50 East Caribbean dollars (~ 50 cents US). I would hang them in up my kitchen. When the bananas were green I used them as potatoes in soup and other main dishes. When they were yellow, we ate them. And when they began to turn brown I used them in cakes, breads, or baked them plain with a bit of rum and spice.

  9. Of course. I should have figured it out. I don't think they really grow bananas in Hawaii.

  10. Correct! Its a mix of metric and english systems. Before being a US territory, we were from Spain so there are still many things with spanish influence. The crazy thing is, all cars are American style so the dash is in miles but the roads are in km so its very difficult to calculate how long it'll take you to reach your destination based on how fast you drive.

  11. I live in Florida and my parents in PR. There are plenty of Walmarts, Walgreens, malls, etc. in the island so they can find pretty much everything regular. The things that are rare are specialized items that pertain to a specific culture or country, for example asian snacks or Bolywood movies. Puerto Rico lacks a little the diversity we have in mainland USA or in multicultural places like Europe. I guess what im trying to suggest is: if there is a special hot sauce you love that can only be found at a local mexican store, or if there are cool native american jewelry stores near you, or if there is a local artist that makes interesting paintings etc, etc send your friend those. Thise are special and connects the people of the island to the world.

  12. Easy, use both hands to do the chord and play with your peepee

  13. While this data is interesting, it is not yet beautiful IMO.

  14. Not beautiful without units on axis. Is that percentage of accidents or number of accidents per year?

  15. This idea has been made into a movie already: The Village

  16. Great choice. That's a good printer!

  17. Thanks! I've been looking at 3D printing for years and finally bit the bullet.

  18. I have the exact same (trim, color, wheels etc) but 2018. Love mine. The only thing I would love to have but don't is ventilated seats and driver seat memory buttons (I hate when the wife changes my seat lol)

  19. I hate this feature. I used to turn it off every time right before starting to drive. I then found a device on amazon that connects to the features button that turns it off for me. Its like it electronically presses the button for me. It doesn't disables the feature, I can turn it back on and off using the button. Auto Start Stop A-Off Delete/Disable/Eliminator for Toyota Highlander 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

  20. I installed super spring donuts in my 2018 rear springs to help with the sag when full of cargo and towing my small trailer. I dont know how much it'll help in you case.

  21. Still, what's with the jar of strawberry (?) stuff?

  22. Only one correct puertorican answer: misu misu (mee-soo)

  23. I love your set up ! It's cool that you kept the stock 18 inch wheels ! I think it looks awesome ! It's like the car came out the factory like this ! To me it means it's really well done !

  24. A lot of people have told me the same. Ive been thinking of getting wheels but now im having second thoughts lol

  25. Victory 4x4 makes a roof rack that sits flush with the roof line, it’s the most low profile solution you’ll find.

  26. Thanks for the tip! I found this one cheap on the marketplace and will use it for now.

  27. Nice setup ! Curious on where you got the rear bumper cover ? Mine didn’t come with one.

  28. Thats all factory my friend. You either own a newer year or a higher trim. Mine is 2018 XLE AWD

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