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The United States government made an anti-fascism film in 1943. Still relevant 79-years later…

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  1. My favorite is when Lark is yelling at him and Will comes back with "it's okay to be angry, it's not okay to be cruel." Gives me goosebumps every time!

  2. Makes sense, but I feel like it's more common for dogs to be identifiable, even if they are mixed breeds. I'm not sure I've ever met a dog owner who can't name at least some of the breeds their dog has in it, but every cat owner I know has no idea.

  3. Fun fact! Most of the time, those guesses are entirely incorrect, even when so-called "experts" are guessing

  4. I once bought a one cat scratcher and got a box of four of them instead. Not as awesome as a computer but that kind of stuff happens all the time. It's just cheaper for the companies to anticipate those losses instead of trying to fix it when it happens. That dude sounds like an idiot - sorry he tanked your post. Congrats on your free PC, that is seriously good luck!

  5. I literally just finished reading that book ten minutes ago! I hope she enjoys it - and the bookmark - as much as I did!

  6. I think Daniel Radcliffe would absolutely crush it as Ron. I also think it'd be pretty funny if Jimmy Wong played Glenn, but Simu Liu would also be good. I can also picture William Jackson Harper as Henry if only because I feel like Henry and Chidi from The Good Place have some of the same nervous energy. No clue for Darryl though.

  7. I started reading The Bluest Eye in sixth grade, when I was 11 or 12. I got about two chapters in and thought "I'm not old enough for this yet," and returned it to the library.

  8. Welcome to the world baby Emjuyv, good luck learning to pronounce your own name

  9. I always assumed he was named after the dog that Grant lost as a kid, which would still kinda work with this theory too! Darryl named his son after Grant and his dog after Lincoln.

  10. Matt has said that he just forgot he named the dog Lincoln when he was picking his new character's name, but it's definitely still possible he was going with a Civil War / American presidents theme!

  11. Some of the shooting happened near a gun range, so people didn't necessarily realize the sounds of gunshots weren't coming from there. Plus the shooter ended up running down the Greenway paths, and any alert to stop pedestrians and bikers from unknowingly heading straight toward an active shooting situation would have been useful in my opinion, especially since a lot of people wear headphones on those trails and might not have heard the gunshots.

  12. Caught myself saying "off the dome" the other day. "You hate to see it" is definitely another

  13. Only difference is that it wouldn't be SKREEE it would simply be Darryl Wilson, nice to meet you in a deep calming voice.

  14. People have so many assumptions about what it means for a coffee to be "regular" or "half and half" that I just started clarifying when people gave me their orders. Still didn't stop people from yelling at me like I'm the idiot who doesn't know what a "regular coffee" is but at least it saved me the trouble of remaking things.

  15. Oh my god you are my hero!! I tried googling it and didn't have any luck. Super impressed by your internet skills. I'm absolutely ordering some prints as we speak!

  16. I have a lot of the same issues with it that you have. Graphically, it's a beautiful game and the expansive map is impressive. But game play is often boring, the voice acting is abysmal, the rate at which the weapons break is annoying, and the shrines are typically just not challenging and often the only prize is a shitty weapon or shield I don't want. Not to mention that the roads become essentially unusable once you defeat the Yiga Clan boss.

  17. Kind of ironic that they talk about the U.S. having no "other people" when segregation was very much still enforced and Japanese Americans were living in internment camps. Not that it doesn't make the video relevant today, but just curious that they made an anti-fascism video when they were actively rounding up some American citizens and forcing them to leave their homes while other American citizens were forced to live as second-class citizens based solely on the color of their skin.

  18. You talk about "they" as if the producers of this video and those causing and promoting that segregation are the same entity.

  19. The film was made by the Department of War. It's a propaganda film made by the government, and it's the government I am critiquing. The Department of War is responsible for the operation of the military and the military was segregating its soldiers and keeping people with Japanese heritage in internment camps at the same time as this film was made. Obviously people within this department likely had varying opinions about all these things, but I am talking about the government as an entity.

  20. I do that too, but the patreon app gives me a headache

  21. They have a webpage you can access through Patreon that shows all the bonus content as links, so you don't actually have to try and find anything in the Patreon app. I bookmarked it and haven't had trouble since. Not sure if that might be a fix to the issues you have but it helped me infinitely.

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