1. I don't understand why everyone is complaining. Because you shouldn't really be eating under your BMR. These comments really remind me of the pro ana forums I used to be on. Why are you so keen to undereat? You can lose weight without doing it lol (I lost weight eating 200 calories above my BMR, which was the first time I was successful long term). Also all the comments saying that your organs can function perfectly just with stored energy, if this was the case why would anorexia even be a dangerous thing? Seriously, you can damage your heart from undereating to the point of it failing without ever reaching a clinically underweight size.

  2. I've had the itrack for 6 years. No complaints. I personally feel with an interface, what is there to improve really? It sounds good, clean, don't spend your money on something just because it's a newer edition

  3. Two reasons I can think of - are you a taller than average person? Tall people grow until an older age than others. Also calorie restrictions during the teen years could have that effect. If your parents grew at a later age perhaps you have your answer .

  4. Yes, and yes. I am taller than average and every year during my teen years I would severely restrict my calories for like 2 months (on average less than 500 a day). If that's what you mean. Although, how would my body be able to compensate now?

  5. Oh my god😭 This is so depressing

  6. It doesn't mean you're at a super high risk though, like quadrupling could be like a chance of 0,01 becomes 0,04 (not the actual statistics). Just take care of yourself from now on and visit a derm if you see anything unusual :)

  7. I’m in the same boat and you just have to accept it. I have been look maxing for a long time but I need surgery so I gave up. Also, it’s harder for me cause I am a dark-skin woman. The best way I am doing it is by preparing myself for being a single woman. I am working on getting a high paying job and trying to set up a second income. I’m not expecting marriage or to have kids so I deleted all my Pinterest boards with all my dream wedding stuff. I try not to have crushes. If I do see myself liking someone I try to stay away from them.

  8. I can understand that maybe it's really hard to find a man(?) that is up to your standards but, you and this sub seems like they don't believe that ugly/average women can have wonderful relationships and it's like... Most women on earth are average, that's what it means and most women I see that are married look average. I'm sure you can meet a man that meets your standards (maybe not super handsome) even if you're not a supermodel

  9. I never weight myself. I just keep eating at a deficit I know it's working anyway, sometimes I measure myself. The number on the scale doesn't matter it only distracts me and worries me, I cant weigh myself because I get hung up on if I'm fluctuating and it becomes a game on how to get to a lower number instead of a healthy lifestyle.

  10. Why is everyone here rich 😳 my yearly income is around 16k$ (student loans), I live in a huge expensive city. I'm on student loans.

  11. Full Recipe with step-by-step instruction

  12. I would say BIFL means the item is presentable and functional for a very long time. I don't think using something beyond the point it's worn out is BIFL, it's frugal and if that's your thing then cool, but this is not nice looking and not presentable so to say.

  13. A week would be a huuuuuge comment. I think my BMI is about 19, I have low body fat but am quite petite generally. I’m 31.

  14. Oh that's great! Looks a lot like my usual days too, except now I'm on a small deficit for healthy weight loss. Gives me hope 🙏

  15. Good luck with the weight loss :) make sure you have plenty of protein at every meal and drink enough water!

  16. Your before photo may or may not be similar to me. You look incredible now so thanks for posting, I need to go kick myself in the arse.

  17. Hey, don't see livestyle change as punishment, see it as a gift you're giving yourself. You deserve to feel happy and healthy ❤️

  18. Quick question, how can everyone be sure of the product you order from these sites. What if it has random addatives, or lead? Has anyone tested their creams?

  19. Mine used to keep prodding my appearance too. I was a pro swimmer so my muscular body was always a topic of conversation, even though my parents were the ones who forced me into sports. I looked too masculine, had too broad shoulders etc. Then the acne comments. Then the hair and eye colour. The subtle jabs never stopped.

  20. Why? What's the difference between this and a regular conversation? Assuming they are talking at normal speaking level.

  21. Genuinely, people have dumb convos IRL louder so I don't really get the problem

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