1. Do you have an HOA? Tell them. If not, and if the Super refuses to do anything about it (like fining the neighbor, posting a camera to monitor the door, adding a guard/doorman to monitor the door) then move out.

  2. What a shame it would be if I slipped on that soap and fell penis-first into your vagina.

  3. Tell me that you use without specifically saying it.

  4. Recording bad customer service is entirely okay because employee treatment of customers has become much worse than it should be.

  5. This should be the top comment not the one about stupid fuck who had to learn the hard way.

  6. Not everyone has the same level of knowledge or common sense. It's not like they teach these things in school.

  7. Most people are taught not to hit other people when they are 2.

  8. He thought it was a normal sexual act. I was with a woman once and slapped her ass during doggie style - and she was offended. Granted, slapping someone on the face is much worse, but if you think it's a normal act, you simply might not know.

  9. I'm not sure that wig is flattering. Otherwise, you have a pretty face and are coming along nicely.

  10. $10 says the service charge doesn't even go to the server.

  11. Agreed. I bet that service charge was because AmEx was used. Many restaurants pass along AmEx's service charges to the customer.

  12. I feel like text messages are okay leading up to the first date, but after the first date, you should be communicating by phone calls. Maybe call her up if you get no reply by the second day after the date?

  13. Here's hoping for guilty verdicts and murders by their inmates.

  14. To not date white people? It's fine. Everyone has preferences on what they're attracted to, and those cannot always be controlled.

  15. Do you have any geek time epsidoes still? I'd love to listen to them again. Mainly 2012-14 but I'll take any

  16. Antifa is literally an anti-fascism group! Goddammit people in the U.S. are stupid.

  17. Ignorance and history through Hollywood. Early 30’s brought the end of street fighting through tough means. We experience this behavior without any good outcome. Things were rosy by the mid 30s and the goons were called off. Current year is simply chaos without a plan. 30 mins of open minded internet searches are your friend.

  18. I have no clue what you're trying to say. Are you saying that the Nazis and Italian Fascism were better organized so their form is better than the current MAGA / Christian Nationalism version?

  19. I have no opinion on maga etc. I will say nazi America makes no sense once you read some stuff published in the 30s. Germany Speaks is a good place to start.

  20. There's a slow slide into fascism that has been happening for years - and MAGA is just a furtherance of this process. Authoritarianism is to be feared.

  21. The only thing not perfect about this picture is the cleanliness of the mirror. Otherwise, huge thumbs-up, pretty woman.

  22. SAG is LEGIT. I didn't realize at the time but, It really is.

  23. Never doubt the power of a good union job. Unions are amazing.

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