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  1. You can't say "sickness" and " invisible boogeymen" in the same sentence. What does clean water and hygiene protect you from then?

  2. Parasites, which weaken the immune system, leaving you susceptible to disease.

  3. Why would you frame this fact like this? It could also be said that the AFC has won 5 of the last 8.

  4. Because he is talking about the current batch of new QBs in the AFC starting with Mahommes.

  5. C+35 is a thing... (FTDs must be settled on the 35th calendar day) Regulation SHO

  6. C+35 is what puts them on the RegSHO watchlist.

  7. Stock is halted. These are the highest and lowest bid offers out there

  8. They are not being filled. They are just out there.

  9. I guess I’d point back to my original comment and ask why his scheme was so ineffective as soon as he left?

  10. Tom Brady and Byron Leftwich complained that Arians would show up to their offensive meeting on Thursday and line out the majority of their ideas, throw some of his in, and tell them that is what they are running.

  11. Their 10Q is delinquent, but they did submit a NT-10Q

  12. He has millions of followers on TikTok because he is one of the best salesmen on the planet.

  13. What dirt does Davidson have on the higher ups in Hollywood?

  14. They are not panicking at all. They are still in full control of the price.

  15. Next time Transfer your shares from TDA to Fidelity. Then once they post, DRS from Fidelity.

  16. How do people forget the ol' San Diego whatchamacalits?

  17. Direct Registration of shares (DRS) is a way for shareholders to hold their shares directly in their own name, rather than through a broker. This method of registering shares has several benefits:

  18. The fact that you are asking that question tells us we still have work to do

  19. Never have I ever seen a FUD post be submitted over and over and over and over again, but here we are.

  20. Other companies have low-tier to high tier customer support and services.

  21. They also give the MMs way too much credit for playing by the rules. They haven’t played by the rules since January ‘21. Why, all of a sudden, are they going to locate any real shares when you exercise a call when they can just naked short some more and give you more phantom shares? I also seriously doubt they’re delta hedging much at all either. They’re so fucking upside down on this trade that they have literally no incentive to play by the rules now.

  22. Tell me you didn't DRS without telling me you didn't DRS

  23. IF he has a limit buy that means he has not purchased the shares yet, but plans to if the price falls a certain amount.

  24. Yeah, it took me too long to realize that you were joking 🤣

  25. No. There won't be a gamma squeeze. Options are being advertised by shills right now. The DD has shown that options are now worthless due to the algorithms being used. They are spoofing transactions quite heavily. Only registered shares matter now. Everything else is just noise.

  26. That's a big question to ask... Order spoofing, naked shorting, strategic halts. PFOF. ETFs. Swaps to hide the short interest. Off exchange trading. Moving trades outside US jurisdiction. (This is just the tip of the iceberg) There are so many tools for modifying the price of assets that the price of everything is fake. If you haven't looked at the library.

  27. Even if this is false, they are trying to run the same routine on BBBY that they did on GME at this time last year when they "reported" on the GME NFT marketplace.

  28. If the settlement time is T+2 for a normal security transfer, how can the entire float worth of shares be transferred 10 times in a week???

  29. you become extremely aloof & bizarre any time questions like these come up; almost as if it’s personal. why is that?

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