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  1. Put Cokoh/Cure Ohio on that shit list! I got an Oz of Tangie several months ago and it was hand -trimmed, good cure, and tasty, so took a chance on a zip of R’NTZ & it tastes as much like dirt as any brown-frown from the 70’s!! Makes me wonder if the “dirt” taste is mildew? Starting to thinks those “rumors” going round a few months back about some “shady” sleight-of-hand shit going on @ Cure may have had some validity. Hmmmm!

  2. That Cokoh Runtz was absolutely awful. I doubt I'll ever try another one of their products

  3. That dark band at the bottom there, and the darker stuff you see seeping out from the wick holes, are a combination of oxidized cannabinoids and degraded/isomerized terpenes.

  4. This is unrelated but I'll tell it. I wish I could refuse to do anything with CVS but all my military family meds end up through through them since Walmart dropped - we've had some luck with other options but we always get defaulted to CVS it seems.

  5. Definitely pleased with this one myself. I picked it up for 30% off which also made it that much more worthwhile of a grab

  6. I feel it. When I saw this strain first come out, I thought it was going to be really good, too.. Then when I bought it, I thought I scored for sure because it looked so amazing.. Looks can be SO deceiving! This was the worst bud I have EVER had in my life. Klutch is doing a good job at shedding customers, that's for sure..

  7. I got this about a month ago, and mine had a harsh taste and was very dry. Hopefully, yours is 🔥

  8. I mean I’d definitely grab a luster or 510 before a disposable but if you absolutely need one and don’t care about botanical terps the Pacific Gold carts are alright. They’ve also got a charging port on the bottom in case the battery dies before the oil is out. My only complaint is they clog a little bit toward the end but as long as you keep it upright you should be good for the most part. I had the Purple Urkle and really enjoyed the flavor. Botanicals usually irritate my throat.. these didn’t.

  9. Is this a composite or a 360° lens? Its absolutely stunning either way

  10. It's a full 360 pano from about 250 feet but then pulled up to get this view. :)

  11. One is Sativa dominant and one is Indica dominant so it depends on what your needs are. Personally I'd go for the Black Jack, it's one of my favorite Sativas

  12. How much of a Sativa is Black Jack compared to Triple Chocolate Chip?

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